World Sciences Organization

On March 16th 2042, the World Sciences Organization (WSO) was formed.

It was the policy of the UGC that all technological advancements be made public with full disclosure to prevent another Shinigami type incident. However the Earth Defense Initiative lobbied for certain technologies to be classified in the interest of global security. It was agreed that certain technologies would be granted a level of secrecy. However, in the interest of fair technological advancement and accountability, the WSO would be in charge of disseminating variations of beneficial technologies to public and private firms, maintaining the confidentiality of the technology without stifling advancement.

The WSO would also act as a watchdog resource director for all scientific research world-wide. In 2050 the WSO established Science Work Camps to house people convicted of criminal or ethical violations related to scientific research. These camps utilized the skills of inmates to further advances in sciences under strict direction.

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