Vigilem (NGC-1291) is located in the Eridanus constellation 10 million light years from Draco Tao and 33 million light years from the Milky Way. The first human colonist set out for Vigilem in 2278 chasing down ancient alien ruins, and hopes of actual alien contact.  It is essentially humanities new frontier.

After establishing a new home world on the planet Pilam in the Arius system, humanity set to the task of colonizing a new galaxy and searching for neighbors. In 2287 they find what they are looking for however the first encounter with a intelligent species is not what they had hoped.

Conflicts with the Cirecidus species lasted for several years and took a heavy toll forcing the Brotherhood into a terrible decision. 2298, in an attempt to end the conflicts with the aliens, a singularity bomb is detonated in the Breaker Nebula, believed to be the alien hive. Like a similar operation against the Pirate Clans in 2270, the effect of the weapon is devastating, obliterating more than a million kilometers of the nebula.

The conflict did indeed end. At least until 2299 when the aliens return, this time in orbit around Pilam. However instead of destruction, the Cirecidus brought opportunity and another benevolent race called the Cysti. By the rise of year 2300 humanity had come to realize just how not alone in the universe they really were.


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