Universal Standard Date

The Universal Standard Date is based on the orbital cycle of a trinary star system in the Draco Tao galaxy. The movements of these stars – Chronos Alpha, Chronos Beta, and Chronos Gamma – was found to be almost exactly equivalent to the day & month cycle on Earth with Beta’s orbit around Alpha taking 24 hours, and Gamma’s orbit taking 729.91 hours (30 days), and alignment of all three stars occurring every 8765.80 hours (365.3 days).

It was decided that the Chronos star system would serve as a standard reference point for a universal date and the standard was officially adopted during the Second Renaissance. As with many things coming from that period, the USD date format was crafted with an artistic flourish. The standard acknowledges that we are in the second (2) age of mankind, it also considers year zero to be when the Blaisedale Corporation introduced the first alien technology more than 400 years prior setting mankind on its current path. Thus the date format of Gamma.Beta.Age+Year (16.12.2414).

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