Universal Nutrition

In early 2300 synthetic and lab cultured foods fell out of favor throughout the expanse of human civilizations in the Eridanus cluster. The Lumus Imperium sanctioned a guild to consolidate and coordinate the mass production, processing, and distribution of food resources. Operating under the name Universal Nutrition (UNINU) this organization oversaw and enforced the standards set forth by the Imperium for mass food production.

The UNINU Meal Pac quickly became a standard in most colonies and outposts that could not directly harvest and process their own food supplies. The UNINU Meal Pac was not only nutrient rich and could be stored indefinitely, they were also very considered quite delicious.

The standard UNINU vendor is stocked with flash frozen prepared meal pacs. Each meal is thawed/cooked inside a vacuum chamber using a microwave burst. The vacuum chamber lowers the critical boiling point of the water in the food so that the meal is ready in under a minute. Everything is bio-derived and edible, including the tray.

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