The Pelarian Event

Hosted By: Zzog Posthorn

Role Play: Didymus Space Station

Located in the Vigilem galaxy the planet Didymus is home to the Pelarian species. A peaceful humanoid race, they are technologically advanced, having space travel and some knowledge of the existence of other alien species.

2250 - The Storm

Didymus is caught in the path of a freak meteor storm resulting in multiple large surface impacts. Luckily no major population centers suffered a direct hit however there are concerns about the dust and debris launched into the upper atmosphere from the impacts.

2255 - Fallout

Dust and fallout from meteor impacts five years prior have a larger environmental effects than the Pelarian scientific community had first speculated. Sharp declines in crop yields are cause for concern, as well as a rise in respiratory and immune health issues globally, have scientist scrambling for answers.

2300 - Bleak Outlook

After decades of cleanup efforts using massive atmospheric processors, the first signs of environmental stabilization are seen. Reports of public health issues begin to trend downward, however, despite improving air quality, global climate changes still continue to move in an alarming direction with crop yields and wildlife numbers dropping steadily.

2320 - At The Core

Pelarian scientist determine that the climatic changes, and recent significant increases in seismic activity, are due to changes in the planet core causing polar magnetic fluctuations.

2335 - Taking Shelter

With severe shifts in climate and frequent devastating earthquakes Pelarian society approaches a critical collapse. Some of the population begins to move off-world to a number of space stations and a temporary colony on the planets moon. Unfortunately dwindling resources and collapsing social structures makes those able to defect a very limited few.

2342 - Buried Threat

Scientist researching the causes of the drastic environmental changes on Didymus make a startling discovery. The planets core is indeed being changed but the cause is no longer a matter of academic speculation. The discovery of a vast network of machined tunnel reveals an alien technology buried deep below the planet surface. This alien hardware is using the planets core to power some massive machine that is devouring the planets raw resources from the inside out. It is believed that the meteors that had bombarded the planet years prior were actually the seeds for whatever this thing was.

2350 - From the Depths

After the discovery of a massive alien machine devouring the heart of their planet, several attempts are made by the Pelarian militaries to stop the alien technology and eventually the mysterious invaders respond. Hordes of mechanical creatures erupt enmass from the impact craters formed almost a century prior. The mechanized plague spreads across the planet devouring resources and slaughtering the Pelarian population.

2351 - Those That Survived

In a mere matter of months the surface of Didymus is stripped clean of resources and life. The Pelarian population is decimated by this nightmarish alien threat and those that escaped into orbit, and to their moon, are last of their race.

2378 - Desperate Measures

Having lost their home world, and all but a fraction of their civilization remaining, the Pelarian desperately venture out into the galaxy. It isn't long before they encounter another humanoid species with shockingly similar biologies. With few resources and no previous communications with alien races, the Pelarian begin to scavenge, and eventually raid, the resources of these new aliens.

2385 - Brotherhood Encounter

After years of minor conflicts, with what is believed to be a small Pirate Clan group using alien tech, resulting in ship and resource loses. Brotherhood forces track a raiding party from a Scientia outpost to a moon in a nearby system. They are shocked to discover that the culprits are in fact not the Clans, but a previously unknown alien race.

2387 - Sleepers Close

After discovering the Pelarians and learning of their desperate plight, negotiations between the alien race and humans began. While some of the displaced Pelarians rejected the idea of trusting humans, the majority of them gave into offers of supplies and trade. As well Scientia scientists become acquainted with the Pelarians history and how they lost their home. Noting the similarities between the Pelarian accounts, and evidence from various other dead planets on record, it was quickly concluded that the Pelarians had encountered the mysterious Sleepers. An expedition to Didymus confirmed the Sleep connection, except this time the machines left behind in the hollowed out planet were not yet cold. Research began immediately.

2395 - Breakthrough

After several years researching the now dead World of Didymus, Lumus scientist make a breakthrough and devise a way to track signals they believe are used for communications by the mysterious alien force known as the Sleepers.

2400 - One Step Closer

In the typical mix of Scientia excitement and Brotherhood scepticism, it is announced that communications from an alien species, suspected of being the infamous Sleepers, had been intercepted and the profoundly complex communications had been deciphered.

Discovery of the Sleepers over 200 years prior was the catalyst for humanities biggest push into the stars. Now the Sleepers had a name. Cross referenced from the various ancient alien tongues and coming from Toa, the oldest known language in the Universe, Soolawtheen Agrameesus, meaning The First Shadow.

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