The Cysti


Homeworld: Cryiral (Kree-ir-al) / Docean (Doe-she-an)
System: Cy (Cee)
Galaxy: Vigilem
Constellation: Eridanus


Cysti Artist Sketch

Artisit: Gilvany-Oliveira

The Cysti are on average 2.8 meters tall, thin, with elongated limbs and necks. They’re skin color is greyish blue with darker striping or spots of various tones highlighting features and often running along their spines.. They have no visible ears however have very acute hearing, sensing sound vibrations with a specialized organ structure in their chests. Their nostrils are positioned high on the cheek bones under their eyes and are only used as a scent receptors. Respiration is done through an opening at the base of the throat behind the jaw.

The Cysti do not have genders. Their history would suggest this has not always been the case however. Very little is known of how they breed but given their advanced levels of technology it is assumed they use a form of cloning, but it must be stressed that this is only an assumption.

The most notable biological characteristic is that they naturally emit a low level energy that has a soothing effect on most genetically similar species under normal circumstances. They have also shown that they can increase the intensity of this energy for a short time. While normal exposure is harmless to humans, high doses and prolonged exposure have been shown to have adverse psychological effects.


The Cystu Pheun (Sis-too Fee-un) actually consist of two branches of the same race, the Cysti and the Doe.

The Cysti (Sis-tee) are prominently known throughout the Eridanus cluster and have a complex culture filled with many rituals and celebrations. They are very involved in the affairs of other races and seem to use their unique biology to foster peace. A low level energy field emitted naturally by the Cysti that has a soothing effect on most species.

The Cysti are extremely advanced, far beyond that of their outward appearances. The Cysti homeworld of Cryiral has few signs of technology. It’s not until you realize that the Cysti artificially created the entire planet do you grasp how advanced they actually are. The Cysti do not have much industry, and other than some very popular wines, they do not seem to export any resources to other cultures.

The Cysdodiue (Sis-doh-dee-ew), also referred to as the Doe, play a significant role in Cysti culture. They are of the same species as the Cysti, however do not share any biological characteristics. The Doe have no identifiable culture and no known methods of communication. They do not reproduce and they are only found on the planet Docean – the original Cystu Pheun home world.

The Doe are genetically fused with their world as a result of a war more than five hundred thousand years ago. They have since evolved to be nearly indistinguishable from the plant life on their planet, and barring an environmental disaster, they are essentially immortal. The Doe that live today are the remains of those that survived the conflict 500,000 years ago and this fate, inflicted by war, is the motivating influence for all of Cysti civilization.


500,000 years ago the Cystu Pheun were an extremely technologically advanced civilization. They lived in relative peace until they were visited by an alien race. The beings, called the Trin, were the last of a species nearly exterminated by an unknown force. They called upon the Cystu Pheun to give them refuge, which they received with open arms.

As time went on the Trin flourished among the Cystu Pheun and became so much a part of the culture that the two species began to cross-breed. This divided the Cystu Pheun culture between the pure Cystudiue and the genetically mixed Cysti. This divide eventually led to a massive war between the two sides. A war that the minority Cysti were losing. Desperate to survive the Cysti unleashed a terrible weapon. This weapon was designed to eliminate the Cystudiue by attacking the very thing that they cherished most, their pure genes.

The weapon succeeded in ending the war, but it did not have the effect the Cysti expected. Instead of breaking down the DNA of the Cystudiue specifically, it attacked the genetic structure of every organism on the planet excluding only the Cysti. Billions of Cystudiue did die, but tens of thousands did not, instead their DNA was twisted and fused to the plant life around them. This was not a fast process. Legend tells of the ground trembling from the sound of agony as their molecules were transformed. The process took decades and eventually they no longer had mouths to scream or nerves to feel. But it was not only the Cystudiue that suffered. The weapons also attacked and mutated the pure blood Trin population.

The Cysti were so horrified at what they had done they dedicated their culture to peace and became the caretakers of the Cystudiue and the planet Docean. To this day it is tradition that Cysti visiting Docean bow and cry a tear into the soil to show that what was done is not forgotten.


The Cysti seem to try and spread and maintain peace. However, despite their desire for peace, the Cysti refuse to become involved in conflicts beyond negotiation, and only then if all parties involved request their intervention.

For such interactions the Cysti are the hosts of the Parceil (Par-see-el), which roughly translates to “Gathering of Minds”. The Parceil is essentially an intergalactic United Nations. The Cysti also completely lack a military of any kind however it seems that no known species would consider attacking them for fear of retaliation by any or all of their allies.

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