Brotherhood of Sol


Homeworld: Solide
System: Sol
Galaxy: Draco-Tao (NGC-1300)
Constellation: Eridanus


Renowned as fearless soldiers and brilliant strategists, the Brotherhood of Sol are the self-sworn protectors of humanity.

Sol society is disciplined and regimented. All of Sol culture respects and lives by the Ius (ee-us), a strict set of social laws and code of honor. Weakness is not tolerated and Sol children begin combat training from the day they can walk. Training continues until roughly the age of 15 at which time all Sol youths are pushed literally to their physical and mental limits during the Final Fire. If they live, they graduate and continue on to military training.

The Brotherhood “Military” is far more encompassing than just combat. While everyone receives the highest possible combat and tactical training not everyone will specialize in combat and join the Ferrum. Nearly every facet of industry is supported under the umbrella of Brotherhood military, with mastery and rank in each equally respected. In Brotherhood society it is understood that military might is acheived beyond combat. It is a combined will of all; soldiers, scientists, engineers, medical, and even philosophers and educators.

The fist that holds the sword is only a threat with a body and mind to make it a weapon. -Grey Hevey


In 2041 the United Global Committee (UGC) formed the Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) in response to a perceived alien threat. The group was dissolved in 2112, only to be reinstated in 2142, at which point the EDI and World Science Organization began joint deep-space exploration missions. These missions, in part, incited the fundamental divide in culture that led to the Gaian war.

In 2169 Grey Hevey, seeing the situation in the Milky Way becoming increasingly unstable, secretly began building a weapons manufacturing facility on the moon Solide. In 2180, after the conclusion of the Gaian war, Hevey founded the Brotherhood in order to liberate the people imprisoned on Pangaea.

It was not until after Grey Hevey’s death in 2191 that the Brotherhood began to see itself as a defined independent culture. In 2199 officially declared the itself independent of Imperium rule and began to take shape into what we know today.


The Brotherhood’s unquestioned governing body is know as the Command. It is comprised of a group of highly decorated and respected Ferrum military commanders. The Command is supported by the combat military branch of Sol culture – the Ferrum.

The Brotherhood and the Lumus Imperium rarely see eye to eye politically. Imperium tend to look down on the Brotherhood and disregard their council in matters of human expansion and colony governance. However when it comes to military and defense desions the Imperium, while maintaining a public image of defiance, almost always defer to Brotherhood wisdom. As well the Brotherhood privately look to the Imperium in matters of colonization and civil organization. This underlying exchange maintains the beneficial political balance between the two factions.

The Brotherhood often refuse to get involved in local power struggles and civil conflicts, however when a serious threat emerges the Brotherhood never falter, and do not discriminate based on political affiliation, nor attempt to leverage defense for political position. The protection of humanity overrides all else.

Ferrum Ranks

Primary CadetInitial rank at the time military training begins
Grade CadetTraining rank when mastery of all basic skills has been achieved. There are 5 sub classes ordered from Grade Cadet Class 5 to Class 1.
Senior CadetFinal training rank achieved before Final Fire.
FenderInitial rank at the time of your first official posting. Fender are assigned to shadow higher ranking officers and the Fender rank is retained until promoted by their mentor.
BreakerGraduated rank from Fender as which point you are assigned a Fender to mentor.
RookReceives first command. There are 3 class of Rook, each commanding an additional platoon with Rook I being in command of a Station or outpost, and Rook Third Class being responsible for the forces in an entire sector of a system.
DirectorHighest field rank. Oversees battle strategy and conducts all Ferrum military resources in their jurisdiction. There are 5 class of Director determined by your military experience, with Class 5 being the highest.
Director MajistrateOutranks Director Fifth Class, however it is technically an honorary rank bestowed on those who have exceptionally long service records or whohave achieved something monumental
CommandHighest rank in the Ferrum. Command are typically represent Brotherhood interests in a political capacity. Command are most commonly descendants of the Hevey family, but it is possible, though rare, to rise to a Command rank.

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