The Aran


  • Homeworld: Araenielle
  • System: Pol’vena
  • Galaxy: Genitrix (NGC-1532)
  • Constellation: Eridanus


The Aran are a human-like species having evolved on a planet very similar to Earth. There are a few defining characteristics that differentiate the Aran from Humans. The eyes of the Aran have a tricuspid iris and a natural phosphorescence. The Aran also have some subtle differences in musculature that make them on average stronger than Humans. Even the reproductive system and development of the Aran are similar to Human.

Aran females are sexually ravenous and appear to have complete control over their fertility. They secrete a pheromone that is believed to play a role in male subservience. It has shown to have minor effects on Human males, causing impaired motor skills and slurred speech with prolonged exposure.


The Aran are a warlike culture; however, unlike the Mord, the Aran are not a series of scattered empires engaging in ritualistic conflicts among themselves. They comprise a vast unified empire, controlling innumerable planets, star bases, and trade routes throughout the Eridanus cluster.

Aran civilization is matriarchal with the men being absolutely subservient, and treated as prized pets at best. In fact much of the Aran economy revolves around the breeding trade, where males are bought and sold like livestock based on specific genetic traits.

The combination of selective breeding, superior training, advanced technology, and a fanatical devotion to their female masters, Aran males make up one of the largest, and widely feared military forces in the known Universe.


Very little is known of Aran history, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that their culture has changed significantly, other than technologically, over the last 130,000 years.


The Aran political structure is fairly straightforward. Every territory is controlled by a Sovereign, each of whom answer to the Supreme Empress on the home world of Araenielle. Territory and rank are determined by a system of favor, operating on a 10 year cycle.

At the beginning of every cycle, whichever Sovereign who gains the Supreme Empress’s favor by conquest of new territory or resource production, is rewarded with the territory of the Sovereign in the lowest favor. The disgraced Sovereign not only loses her territory, but her life as well in a ceremonial execution.

Being in the Supreme Empress’s top favor is not always the best place. When a young Sovereign reaches the age of fertility, she is given a portion of the highest ranking Sovereign’s territory to begin her rule. This system ensures that the weak are culled, and the strong never get so strong as to challenge the Supreme rule.

Despite having a desire for conquest, the Aran are also capable diplomats and often choose to expand their empire through trade relations rather than war.

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