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Gaian War

A conflict between the Earth-is-home extremist organization – eventually to become the Gaian Nation – and the rest of humanity. The conflicts started as protests to humanity’s continued exploration and expansion into space during much of the 2100’s. Discord escalated in 2163 with the discovery of the Hollow Moon and evidence of advanced alien intelligence in the Milky Way galaxy. The Gaian war from 2168 to 2178 resulted in the overthrowing of the UGC and the Gaian Nation coming to power.

Imperium Political Families

The Imperium itself is comprised of political groups called Families. Each Family is made up of representatives from various planets and colonies with members all vying for power and influence over the Imperium council. Anyone can choose to join a Family and work their way up the ranks in hopes of reaching the Imperium council. Representatives remain in power for as long as their Family continues to support them.

The Scientia are the only group that bypass the Family structure having their own elected group that represent them in the Imperium directly.

Sentina Trade Pact

Sentina Trade Pact is a set of agreed upon rules of conduct between various parties trading within the three galaxies – Draco Tao, Vigilem, and Milky Way. These are guidelines meant to promote healthy trade practices. Laws dictating trade restrictions are set and enforced by individual governing bodies. This pact does not override or provide protection from any local authority beyond that described below.

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Children of Gaia


Homeworld: Gaia (Earth)
Galaxy: Milky Way


Gaians are devoted to the Earth Mother, Gaia. The Earth is such an honored part of Gaian culture that they ritualistically give birth in the soil or the sea so that the first embrace of a newborn is by Gaia. They strive for harmony with nature and have managed to achieve steady technological advancement while evolving their industry and lifestyles to be non-destructive to the natural environment.

Gaians do not pursue space exploration, though they have the means. Most would never consider leaving the planet and in fact Gaian law forbids citizens from doing so. The Gaian people on Earth live in absolute peace. There is very little inequality or scarcity of resources. Education is open and abundant. There is almost no crime and there hasn’t been a conflict of any kind since the conclusion of the Gaian War in 2179. However this peace comes at a cost.

Gaian law is strict and punishment is brutal. For the most part people are free to live their lives as they please except in matters of global resources. Food is readily available but rationed in a manner that insures it will remain so. A major element of resource management is population control.

Since about 2275 the birthrate has been tightly controlled requiring licensing and, while life quality expectancy is well over 150, all citizens between the ages of 90 and 100 are expected to volunteer for “Civil Sacrifice”. Anyone that doesn’t volunteer are required to pass a qualification when they turn 100, if it is deemed they are still of significant benefit to society they are given a pass, however must re-qualify every 10 years. If they fail qualification, they are mandated to perform the Civil Sacrifice. The system has been successful however population density is currently testing resource capacity and there is debate over further restricting births or lowering the Civil Sacrificial deadline.

Most other aspects of Gaian culture would be considered fairly common by human modern social standards.


The Children of Gaia began as small groups protesting the growing trend of living in space during the Orbital Boom. The groups’ philosophy was simple, humans are from the Earth and should remain on the Earth. As the cause grew the views of various groups ranged from those pledging not to follow the orbital trend, to those reverting back to simpler times and choosing to live off of the land with minimal technology.

In 2142 the groups began to take on more extremist views violently protesting the expansion of humanity into outer space, and in particular, the World Science Organization’s (WSO) direct intent to contact extraterrestrial life. However it was not until after the tragic terrorist attack on the Cristo Space Station that the Children of Gaia were truly seen as a threat. As humanity continued to venture off into space the Children of Gaia groups continue to grow in both size and violence. Tensions between the COG and authorities steadily increased escalating into the Gaian War in 2166.

The brutal war continued for more than eleven years concluding with The Children of Gaia overthrowing the United Global Committee (UGC) in 2178. The newly seated Gaian Authority then began to gather and execute anyone who was not born “of Gaia,” turning the Pangaea orbital complex into a massive death camp before the intervention of the Brotherhood of Sol (formally the Earth Defense Initiative). After the Exodus, in which billions of humans that did not wish to be part of the new Gaian world order left for a new home world of Solum, Gaian civilization thrived becoming what it is today.


Their are really two Gaian cultures. The general Gaian population is peaceful, most living their lives without a thought or care of what might be going on beyond their beloved planet. The Gaian Authority however actively pursues an agenda to eliminate all other humans in the universe, seeing them as a threat.

While Gaian citizens are not allowed to leave the planet, the Gaian government considers the entire solar system their domain and have implemented an impressive defensive network to protect it. Officially Gaians have no ties to any outside humans but being that they have few military resources they often work through the Pirate Clans that occupy the outer colonies of the Milky Way. Very little is known about the Gaian leverage over the much more powerful Clans.

The Gaian political system is globally unified and could be described as a Democratic Dictatorship. The individual regions and local governments are generally democratic in nature, with elected representatives and governmental branches. Most laws are even defined by regional courts. However global law and matters relating to population control and resource management, the Gaian Authority is the ultimate and final word.

World Sciences Organization

On March 16th 2042, the World Sciences Organization (WSO) was formed.

It was the policy of the UGC that all technological advancements be made public with full disclosure to prevent another Shinigami type incident. However the Earth Defense Initiative lobbied for certain technologies to be classified in the interest of global security. It was agreed that certain technologies would be granted a level of secrecy. However, in the interest of fair technological advancement and accountability, the WSO would be in charge of disseminating variations of beneficial technologies to public and private firms, maintaining the confidentiality of the technology without stifling advancement.

The WSO would also act as a watchdog resource director for all scientific research world-wide. In 2050 the WSO established Science Work Camps to house people convicted of criminal or ethical violations related to scientific research. These camps utilized the skills of inmates to further advances in sciences under strict direction.

Earth Defense Initiative

On February 4th 2041 the Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) is established with the sole task of defending the planet and its population from any and all extraterrestrial threats. General Kenneth Brightman is appointed as Operations Director.

The organization is given unlimited resources to develop an early warning system of listening posts and position them throughout the solar system. Over the years the EDI’s expenses garnered a lot of controversy and in 2112 it was officially dissolved. Only to be reinstated again in 2141 after a major conspiracy is uncovered involving the SkyEye Corporation defrauding the UGC.

Towards the end of the Gaian conflicts the former EDI ,under direction of Grey Hevey, would becomes the foundations of the Brotherhood of Sol.

Unified Global Committee

A decade after the Shinigami Disaster civilization was well on its way to recovery. From tragedy arose opportunity. The vastly reduced population and sense of unity allowed the remaining world governments the opportunity to restructure.

On December 23rd 2039, Dean Karls is elected as the first Head Chairperson of the Unified Global Committee and for the first time in human history there is a single undivided governing body.

The UGC was a democracy in which representation was determined by geographic resource need in such a way that the benefit of abundance was to provide to scarcity. This included not only natural and manufactured resources, but also education and intellectual resources. The UGC established a number of organizations that were under its direction, but not entirely its control. The most notable of which were the:

  • Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) – mandated to protect humanity from any and all extraterrestrial threats.
  • World Sciences Organization (WSO) – mandated to safeguard and disseminate beneficial technologies to world industry to ensure technological advancement.
  • Health Of Humanity Resource (HOH) – oversaw and directed global health services as well as the development of medical technologies and medical research.
  • Enlightened Agricultural Trades (EAT) – managed the resources, technologies, and distribution of global agricultural needs and goods.

From 2039 to 2162 the UGC was amazingly successful presiding over a relatively peaceful and prosperous world population. In 2162 conflicts with the Earth-is-home extremist group, the Children of Gaia, began and escalated into the Gaian war in 2166 ultimately leading to the overthrow of the UGC by the Gaian Nation.