Soolawtheen Agrameesus


  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • System: Unknown
  • Galaxy: Unknown
  • Galactic Group: Unknown


Discovered in 2163 in the Milky Way galaxy, known as the Sleepers, the Sool were humanities the first actual encounter with an alien race. Despite the inhabitants of the Hollow Moon all being in stasis the encounter fueled humanities push further into the Universe.

Over the decades more evidence of the Sleepers was found and studied but no definitive answers or significant clues, until the introduction to the Pelarian race. Their planet recently devastated by a mysterious force led Imperium scientists to the breakthrough they needed and on the path to tracking down this illusive alien.

The Soolawtheen Agrameesus (Su-lal-theen Ah-grah-mee-soos), also known as Sool and Sleepers are a deeply mysterious life form. Very little is known definitively as most of the available data is derived from inconclusive scientific studies on limited specimens, and the rest from legends and lore of various alien cultures.

While they have many names; Agra, First, Sutheen, L'astur, Dredha, most mythos agree that the Sool came into existence during the initial formation of the universe making them one of the oldest lifeforms known.

From the Cysti; “The First became aware of its being and became starved for meaning and seeing the vastness of the Universe it split, a fragment for every star, and set itself to know them.”

From the Aran, Tome of Creation, "The blackness took breath and found itself empty and set forth to fill itself with all of light."

From the Toran, Toa: Genesis, "The Universe gave birth to two forces and endowed them with knowledge. The Literia was to make the light and seed creation. The Sutheen was to create the void and serve to devour."

From the Aevitan, Book of Chaos, "The blackness birthed light and to blackness light will return ushered by the L'astur that knows only hunger."

From the Tsitrean, Founder Scrolls, "One became light, the Histhur. One became blackness, the Dredha. Two devour each other for eternity."

As with most creation lores there are many interpretations within the culture. Some view the stories in the context of cosmic balance while others see the Sool as a lurking evil meant to destroy all life making the them the nightmare demons of many cultures.


Soolawtheen physiology could be vaguely described as both mechanical and biological however neither aspect can be completely identified  by normal conventions. While many of the physical traits resemble the form and functions of rigid mechanical systems these parts are grown and heal much as a biological counterpart. The same ambiguity applies for the apparent biological systems and not one recognizable molecular compound can be identified in either.

Sool physical form of can vary widely depending on the function of the subject. When the sleepers were first discovered it was initially believed that the Sleepers were separate from the insect like drones that seemed to maintain the Hollow Moon facility. It was later determined however that the drones, and even what were believed to be ships, were in fact all variations of the Sool organisms.

The one common aspect of all Sool studied to date is what has been defined as a Transient Consciousness. The essence of an individual is not bound to it's physical form and has the ability to move between, swap, and share the bodies of other Sool. It is also speculated based on documented account of various races that there is another species of, or an evolved version of, Sool that is completely energy based having no defined physical form.


An individual Sool is referred to as a Fragment and depending on the form it takes they seems to have varying degrees of intelligence. Though individuals act as a single consciousness, there is a clear coordination of information between Fragments in a given location.

It is speculated that younger Fragments must exist in simple forms, such as mechanoid creatures, and as they mature they're able to form or inhabit more complex systems. It is also speculated when a planet or moon is seeded not only is it's mass converted, but the "fetal" Fragments themselves are actually derived from the host worlds core energy.

For the most part the Sool have very little interaction with other civilizations and are often relegated to legend for 1000's of years. However in the rare instances where direct contact is made the result is rarely good.

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