Singularity Weapons

Developed in 2266 in a Brotherhood weapons research program, the device, in the most basic terms, collapses critically dense matter into an artificial micro singularity.

The gravitaional effects last only a few seconds under optimal conditions but nonetheless has devistating potential. Early prototypes were capable of creating gravitational pockets strong enough to affect navigation, and even destroy vessels in a localized area.

The true potential of the weapon was realized in 2270 when a Mark1 devices was used during the Pirate Clan Wars. Detonated between a planet and its moon the weapon destabilized the moon’s orbit and caused devastating tectonic events on the planet triggering an extinction level event.

In 2298 a larger and vastly more power Mark II version of the weapon was test detonated in a romote nebula. The test obliterated more than a million square kilometers of the gas cloud, collapsing it into a small unstable protostar. The radiation wave from the protostar formation extended for more than a light year at deadly levels.

Development of a Mark III singularity weapon is completed in 2310. The initial test of this new device far exceeded the projections. The resulting singularity is so powerful that all research was stopped, locked down, and moved to a top secret Ferrum outpost located deep in a vast area of unoccupied space known as the Eridanus Super Void*.

The manufacturing of a singularity device requires stabilized critically dense matter which is only found in the core of dying stars. The method of its extraction is classified.

Due to the danger and rarity of the required matter the stockpiling of singularity weapons impossible. There are only three Mark I and one Mark II devices maintained by the Brotherhood at any given time. They are kept on separate stations, the location of which are constantly changing and unknown to even top ranking officials. If needed the devices can be launched using a similar specialized LEAP catapult used for launching long range probes. In this manner the weapons are both secure and able to be deployed to nearly any target at any time.

*The Eridanus  Super Void is a vast isolated area of space devoid of galaxies. There are no visible stars or perceivable radio signals. It is estimated to extend more than a billion light years.