Sentinans (Also Sentinians)

There's an old saying in the Lumus culture: "When you look into the eyes of a Sentinan" you see the soul of the universe." There are but few human settlers that have traveled farther or have seen more than this vibrant and colorful group. Descendants from the first explorers who did LEAPs of faith to discover Draco-Tao and found the systems and worlds that are now the foundation of the Lumus culture. While it was the brotherhood soldiers that freed the rest of humanity from the Gaians it was those who would become Sentina Navigators and their ships that carried Humanity into its new future.

They could have been on the vanguard of the new culture, but to the surprise of many they departed and settled on the fringes of the galaxy preferring the freedom of open space to the conformity, in their opinion,  that the Imperium would bring, They would go on and form what would be known as the Nomad Colonies.

What happened to the colonies is well known and a tragedy, but the few that survived and escaped settled around the remote mining colonies in the Heaven system, on the planet Sentina and later its moon Braveheart. They quickly realized that the fear of conformity was unfounded. The Imperium embraced their lost kin recognizing their bravery and talent as navigators, giving them a larger autonomy than any others have. They are the Imperium's lifeforce: Sentinan freighters and miners.

Families like Cepheus and Brandi are leaders in the economy and even the Brotherhood recognizes their prowess employing many on their ships as Navigator. Indeed in the Lumus Arma  there are far more Sentinans enlisted that their small population would suggest.

Today they still do what they do best; Extracting and transporting goods and supplies, and of course their real passion: exploring. Whether in far off Vigilem or returning to their ancient home in the Milky Way. Sentinans are the ones looking over that edge and daring to take the step into the unknown.

Sentinans are relatively easy to spot, by the various tattoos that cover their body and their dress is practical and functional, yet stylish. Their world revolves around their families, even in the Lumus Arma it not uncommon for one ship to contain an entire Family. Sentina has a official Population of 30 million although most of those live in on stations orbiting the planet or on their ships originating from the planet.

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