Sentina Trade Pact

Sentina Trade Pact is a set of agreed upon rules of conduct between various parties trading within the three galaxies – Draco Tao, Vigilem, and Milky Way. These are guidelines meant to promote healthy trade practices. Laws dictating trade restrictions are set and enforced by individual governing bodies. This pact does not override or provide protection from any local authority beyond that described below.

NOTE: All statements below should be taken in the context of role play and are meant to be interpreted and enforced loosely as such with the intent of encouraging underground trading, smuggling and general creativity in role play. In general please try and respect your fellow players.

Article 1: General Trade Guidelines

  1. All pact members are required to follow the rules of this pact or face sanctions.
  2. All pact members members must respect the rule on any particular planet (sim rules).
  3. All pact members will treat all species equally and with respect.
  4. All participating planets must respect traders and their dealing equally or face sanctions.
  5. Any member that is caught intentionally violating the terms of this pact will be penalized.

Article 2: Pact Trade Restrictions

  1. Slave Trafficking - Trading of any sentient species is absolutely not tolerated and will be dealt with the harshest sanctions by the pact members.
  2. Exchange Standards - Given the wide range of monetary denomination trade using a battering system is encouraged until exchange standards can be negotiated.

Article 3: Local Trade Restrictions

  1. All participating planets agree that the cargo hold of a traders ship is intergalactic territory and is not subject to search and seizure by local authority.
  2. All pact member understand that once cargo exits the hold of your vessel that it is subject to all trade restrictions enforced by local authority.

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