Saga Council

The SAGA council are caretakers of the SAGA Universe. They act as overseers and administrators for the continued expansion of the SAGA Universe, making sure that the continuing story is supported and that the premise of openness and community, on which SAGA was founded, is respected.


Katey Haystack

Lumus Imperium Trade Liaison

Imperium role play contact. Organizer of the Dreams of Heaven story arc.

Rich Lombardia

Ferrum Director 1st Class

Brotherhood Of Sol role play contact. Organizer of the Calico Saga story arc.

Callum Winters

Founding Member

Organizer of the 13th Legion story arc.

Zzog Posthorn

Pelarian Fleet

Organizer of the Pelarian Event story arc.


Bash Quandry


Creator of the SAGA story. Continuity advisor & and wiki webmaster.


Denim Brandi

Heaven Peace Corps, Heaven System

Organizer of the Dreams of Heaven story branch.

Penny - headshot

Penroth Strom

Arcus Pirate Leader

Pirate Clan role play contact.

Amun Ra

Arms Manufactuer