Chapter 7: The Pirate Clans

The Pirate Clans

By 2168 the violent war on Earth had pushed millions of people into the Milky Way Galaxy hoping to find peace in the outer colonies. However, after the conclusion of the Gaian war in 2178 the outer colonies were more or less on their own. Cut off from Gaian controlled Earth and abandoned by those that had escaped to some distant unknown galaxy during the Exodus. With no central authority, corruption ran wild and one by one star systems came under the control of several criminal organizations known as the Pirate Clans.

By 2183 most of the Milky Way was ruled over by nine major Clans constantly vying for territory and resources with each other. Under their reign it cannot be denied that humanity survived and even flourished, however the evolution of civilization took a very different path than it did in Draco-Tao. Violence, inequality, enslavement, exploitation; these things were not just commonplace, they were an integral part of the political and financial systems of the Clans.

Nomad Rebellion

In 2245, unable to withstand the will of the Imperium on their own, and with the Brotherhood refusing involvement, the Nomadic groups called out to their brothers in the Milky Way. The Clans seeing the opportunity for expansion and profit answered the call, and under the guise of assisting the rebellion they began moving into Draco-Tao. The Brotherhood immediately saw the threat and attempted to intervene but it was too late. The Clans flooded in from the Milky Way and seized control of Nomad territories. By 2250 they were firmly established and began moving into Lumus regions.

The Clan’s quickly became a real threat to the Imperium way of life. They were particularly adept at finding and attacking newly established colonies, seriously undermining Lumus expansion efforts and expanding their own territory at an alarming rate. In the beginning the Clans, having spent decades at war with one another, and controlling massive armies and fleets of combat ready ships, more than outmatched the Lumus and Brotherhood forces. The Lumus in particular suffered heavy losses early on, lacking any real military force of their own. The Brotherhood fared better but were far too few in number to push back the Clans.

It was clear that the factions of Draco-Tao could not persist in their current fractured state. An alliance was struck between the Brotherhood, Lumus, and the few surviving remnants of the Nomads. The Brotherhood began recruiting and training soldiers from the Civis population that would become the Arma – the new official Lumus military. The bulk of Lumus industry was shifted to the rapid manufacturing of military technologies and with the vast resources of the Lumus, and the military will and strategy of the Brotherhood, the Clans began to lose ground.

The Clan Wars

The Clans did not yield easily. As each independent Clan began to lose territory they too unified – something never achieved before in their history. For a brief period both sides were fairly evenly matched. Eventually however, as the Arma ranks steadily grew, the Clans’ forces and victories rapidly dwindled. Their response was a marked increase in violent and bloody campaigns against innocent targets.

A Clan favorite tactic was to coordinate attacks on multiple Lumus colonies in order to divide Arma and Ferrum forces. They would then use the distraction to hit the real target such as weapons manufacturing facilities. The Brotherhood quickly developed new tactics using superior LEAP technology making these diversionary ploys less and less effective. As defeat loomed the Clans’ objectives shifted from holding territory to inflicting as much damage on the enemy as possible.

On August 15th 2270, in a bold show of power, the combined forces of the Clans attacked the Lumus home world of Solum. The attack was quick, expertly coordinated, and deadly. Ferrum and Arma defense forces were overrun, and before reinforcements arrived two Clan ships made it through the defenses into Solum orbit. Before being destroyed they launched their payloads of nukes towards the planet. Most of the bombs were intercepted by planetary defenses, but three found their targets detonating over the major city of Cybrene killing more than 390 thousand people.

The Lumus took the losses hard calling for immediate retaliation. and the use of a powerful weapon developed by the Brotherhood only a few years prior. The Brotherhood agreed that the use of the Singularity Bomb was justified. A message had to be sent before Clan reinforcements could be called in from the Milky Way. There was only one problem, since their retreat after the attack on Solum no one had been able to track the Clans’ location.

Enter the Illuminated.

Since their separation the Illuminated had been watching the events of humanity unfold – hidden and adhering to a strict policy of noninterference. But with many of their own families having been killed in the attack on Solum, it was too much to bear in silence. They revealed themselves and offered their assistance. The Lumus and Brotherhood accepted without hesitation.

Heavy Hitter

On August 20th 2270, Operation Heavy Hitter is put into play. The newly allied Illuminated, using their abilities to access subspectrum communications paths, locate the Clan lair on a planet in one of Draco-Tao’s uncharted regions. A Mark1 Singularity Bomb is LEAPed into the Clan occupied system. Speeding towards the planet the bomb detonates precisely on target, an area between the planet and one of its moons.

The bombs mass collapses into a micro singularity. The effect is brief but powerful. In the span of a few seconds the sudden intense pocket of gravity pulls at the moon, fracturing and shearing off enormous chunks of its surface and pulling them towards the singularity. On the planet’s surface the gravity variance is enough to influence tectonic shifts causing planet-wide earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. As well, the Clan ships and stations around the planet are flung out of orbit, some shooting off in wild vectors and others ripped apart skipping across the planets atmosphere. Then the singularity dissipates and the dislodged lunar chunks slam back into the moon with incredible force sending a shower of debris towards the planet.

The moon’s orbit had been so destabilized that it was torn apart. For days it disintegrated bombarding the planet with more debris and causing even more devastating tectonic events. A single bomb had triggered an extinction level event. The message was sent. Draco-Tao was not defenseless. The remaining Clan forces surrendered, or were tracked down with the help of the Illuminated, and sent honor-bare back to the Milky Way.

The Clan War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history, consuming more than four billion lives. However it brought the factions of Draco-Tao together. Not as one, or without discord, but with a sense of critical cooperation. The Lumus remained over-zealous of their expansion efforts, but now at least adopted standard security policies. The Brotherhood took the lessons of the war and improved its tactical training. As well they began their own expansion efforts, establishing militarily strategic colonies, and even pushing into uncharted regions ahead of the Lumus to ensure security. Even the relationship between humanity and the Illuminated had been reestablished, if even in just a limited capacity.

It may not have been a perfect unity, but it was a vital unity for the adventure to come.

Chapter 8: First Contact

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