Chapter 1: The First Fall

The Rise

The Blaisdale Corporation, a privately funded technology firm founded by Marya Blaisdale, was relatively unknown until the winter of 2012 when it unveiled its new prototype computer processor at the ComDex technology expo in Las Vegas Nevada. The processor named CORE was so advanced that it was at first thought to be a publicity stunt. It was no stunt but it did garner the company overnight global recognition as well as the open wallets of thousands of eager investors.

Blaisdale would make headlines again in the summer of 2014 with the introduction of Proteus, a new propulsion system using low power controlled magnetic resonance to seemingly defy gravity. The technology would eventually revolutionize industry and mass transit around the world. A year later on August 20th 2015 the Blaisdale Corporation quite literally gives the world the Exponential Energy Matrix.

Marya Blaisdale proclaimed in her whirlwind media tour promoting XEM that the first step to global equality and an end to corruption was free access to energy. XEM was a clean, sustainable, high output reactor, that would do just that – give energy to all. Within only a few years XEM technology was bringing power to the most remote corners of the world.

The Blaisdale Corporation continued to produce a steady stream of advanced products, working their way into every aspect of industry and daily life. The company quickly becomes a controlling force in communications, transportation, agriculture and even global defense.

On January 1st 2021 the first Shinigami 101-A Space Station is brought online. The Shinigami is publicized as a communications control center and research facility. Five years later the Shinigami 101-B goes live, further extending the reach of the Blaisdale Corporation’s control over thousands of global systems.

Growing groups of opponents begin to attack the company in the media, claiming that Blaisdale was seeking to control and undermine every aspect of society. The company’s CEO, Marya Blaisdale, denounces the claims and challenged naysayers to provide proof of their accusations. In the end the glowing record, and overwhelming benefit the company’s innovations brought, diminished the validity of any proposed conspiracies.

In March of 2028 the third, and publicly final, stage of the Shinigami project is completed with the launch of the 101-C. Days later the disappearance of a prominent critic of Blaisdale prompts a Federal probe into the company. Initially simply protocol, the investigation shockingly brings to light a number of clandestine, and potentially criminal, ventures being undertaken by the company. Amid public outrage the Blaisdale Corporation is ordered to turn over the operation of their communications networks, including Shinigami Space Stations, to government control pending legal proceedings.

On March 10th 2029, two days before the government turnover deadline, a small group of Blaisdale scientists, working in secret, flip the switch on the fourth undisclosed stage of the Shinigami project. At 6:16 GMT the Shinigami 101-D goes online and 14 minutes later the world goes dark.

The Fall

Hundreds of cities around the world are plunged into chaos and panic as XEM power stations, communications, and broadcasting systems suddenly stop working. Every system controlled by the Blaisdale networks is simultaneously shut down. One hour later a single message is broadcast. A demand for global unification under the guidance of the Blaisdale Corporation. Marya Blaisdale is taken into custody where she is compelled to reveal that the Shinigami 101-D was developed as a global security platform designed to eliminate the need for conventional militaries and police forces. A project that was meant to bring peace to the world, enforced by the Eye Of God.

The Eye Of God was a secret project known only to Blaisdale and her most trusted scientists. The system monitored the biometric and brainwave patterns of every human on earth through the very Blaisdale technologies on which they had become dependent. It could detect aberrant thought patterns, such as those associated with extreme violent intent, and could then target a specific individual’s bio-electrical signal and, using a tuned electromagnetic beam, disrupt all brain function in the target instantaneously killing them.

The world governments, faced with billions of panicked people and an ultimatum to bow before a master of unknown intent, decide to take military action. A series of coordinated strikes were initiated the Shinigami 101-A and 101-C Space Stations were destroyed. A second attack targeting the remaining two stations is launched. Missiles from the United States destroy the 101-B, however missiles launched from Japan on the 101-D have less effect, inexplicably veering off course before impacting the target. Moments later thousands of people in Tokyo begin dropping dead of no apparent cause. The Eye Of God weapon was real.

Every military resource available on the planet was tasked to taking out the 101-D Space Station. After two days of failed missile strikes the disaster came abruptly to its own end when the space station simply vanished. In the aftermath a terrible quiet lingered in the cities and villages of the world as tens of millions of dead lay in streets, shops, shelters and homes. More than 75% of the world’s population was lost, and the survivors left to put the world back together.

Chapter 2: A World Unified

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