Pirate Clans


Homeworld: Various
System: Various
Galaxy: Milky Way


Human, nothing particularly special.


The inner workings of the Pirate Clans is a fairly typical criminal structure. Clans vie for power and control over territory. They increase their influence through corruption and violence. Most of the Clans are involved in the trafficking of dangerous and illegal goods such as drugs, prostitution, and even Illumination scams.


The origins of the Clans can be trace to former WSO Scientist Timothy Dalton. After violating intergalactic terraforming regulations conducting an unauthorized experiment that resulted in the deaths of 124 people, Dalton and his crew became fugitives. Over the years as the Gaian War drew resources away from the outer colonies Dalton slowly, and violently, gained influence and power and in 2183 headed the third largest crime syndicate in the galaxy.

After the Exodus from Earth the outer colonies of the Milky Way were on their own and the Clans gain further control. Over the decades of constant conflict for territorial control nine major Clans ruled over the Galaxy.

In 2247 oppressed Nomad colonies in the Draco-Tao system reached out to the Milky Way for aide in their rebellion. The Clans saw an opportunity to establish a foothold in Draco-Tao. After several years of conflict with Imperium and Brotherhood forces the bulk of the Clans were run out of Draco-Tao.


The Clan political structure is less official as it beneficial. Dominance over territory is almost entirely based on military might. This is not to say there is no law. There is a loose code of honor that is followed by all Pirate Clans that serves to subvert complete chaos. Violations of this code are collectively punished, and the punishment is always death.

There are still free zones in the Milky Way, planets and systems the control vital resources allowing them to afford neutrality.

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