Personal Shield Technology

Developed by Dr. Reuben McIntyre, the pioneer of personal force field technology.

By manipulating a particle source between two charge nodes McIntyre’s device produces a disruptive field. This field is capable of diffusing or nullifying most energy based weapons by dispersing incoming charged particles across the field. High velocity projectiles are also defeated due to the effects of magnetic compression. Larger projectiles are deflected and smaller objects are vaporized upon interaction with the field.

The size of the system and power source determine its effectiveness. Combat field units are often powered by portable XEM cores and provide extended protection. Smaller units offer limited protection against weapons but are very effective against radiation and other environmental hazards. These are commonly used on scientific research expeditions.

As successive versions became more powerful and less cumbersome, personal defense shields were used more in scientific fields. They however never proved effective for military purposes until 2168.

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