The Lim-nytes


  • Homeworld: Creat (Kreet)
  • System: Cy (Cee)
  • Galaxy: Magna Spiralem (NGC-1232)
  • Constellation: Eridanus


The Lim-nytes are humanoid in appearance with an average height of 2 meters. They also have very similar biological systems and organ structures as humans, with the exception of the reproductive system. Only 1 in 50 Lim-nyte are born expressing a gender. Those that are born as male or female are segregated into specially protected colonies and treated as royalty.

This behavior is due to the fact gendered Lim-nyte can only reproduce once, and during the reproduction process they are extremely dangerous. In order for the Lim-nyte female to conceive the male must produce a specific hormone during mating. This hormone is toxic to the Lim-nyte, and the male dies shortly after mating. The female is immune to the birth hormone during the entire gestation cycle, however as soon as she gives birth her body succmbs to the poison.

This event is called, O’dla cheih davhena (Ode-la-shay-dav-heh-na) which translates to “the giving of life”, and is a globally shared cultural ritual of the Lim-nyte.


The Lim-nytes (Lem-nee-its) are a fairly primitive race roughly 30,000 years old. Technologically they are the equivalent of iron-age humans. However while the Lim-nyte may live in villages and still be using beasts of burden to drive their primitive industries, their knowledge of space is very advanced.

The Lim-nytes are more than aware that there are beings on other planets and that these beings possess greater technologies than their own. This knowledge has greatly shaped their civilization.

Lim-nyte civilization is complex with many societies spread across the planet, each with their own system of government, cultures, and languages. And each of them revering one or more of the five alien races they have encountered as deity. Not so much in the sense of being all-mighty beings like Gods, but rather than as role models, influencing the direction taken by various Lim-nyte cultures in their sciences and philosophies.

The largest most advanced Lim-nyte society is by far the Diezen. The Diezen have a place of reverence for all five of the alien races, but the Cysti hold the highest place of honor. As such Diezen society is dedicated to bringing peace to all Lim-nytes. This endeavour that has yielded only moderate success among the Lim-nyte that follow the influence of the Mord and Aran.


The Lim-nyte civilization, having developed written language very early, has an exceptionally detailed historical record. Most of their history is fairly typical. They began as small nomadic tribes, there were a number of wars and natural disasters, as well as periods of enlightenment.

The Lim-nyte creation mythology has become a particular point of interest human researchers. “In the beginning there was a void. And then the Tihen (Tee-hen), or Gods, wept the world into existence. The Gods then planted the seeds from which the Lim-nytes sprang.”


By far the Cysti have the most influence over the Lim-nyte, but the Aran do not rank far behind. Creat is a resource rich world and the Lim-nyte are utterly defenseless against an attack by an advanced race. That is, if not for the Aran.

The Aran have deemed Creat a protected world because of a particular gemstone found only there. The Nova Stone is a rare and beautiful mineral deposit highly valued among the Aran ruling class. Surprisingly this has not led to exploitation of the Lim-nyte or the natural environment of Creat by the Aran due to the Aran cultural beliefs surrounding the stone. Instead Aran representatives receive the stones as gifts by the Lim-nyte during an annual festival honoring them.

The Mord also frequently visit the Lim-nyte, though it seems to be merely to antagonize the Aran.

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