Elysium is a lush garden planet located in the Calico System in the Vigilem galaxy. It is the only known habitat for the Epensia plant which is valuable as an effective treatment for a terrible epidemic known as Barros Disease.

Elysium was first discovered when the Brotherhood surveyed the Calico System after establishing a listening post but the discovery of the Epensia plant brought much attention to the planet.

Since its discovery the Epensia plant has been highly sought after by outside interests including the Pirate Clans which uses the plant to make the narcotic Maxout. They have since found away to synthesize the drug which makes it more dangerous to the user but doesn’t require the use of the Epensia plant so pirate activity has decreased in the system.

In addition to the Epensia plant, Elysium is home to several new alien life forms, planet life and the site of a civilization that appears to have vanished over 100 years ago.

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