DynaCorp Saga

Hosted By: Callum Winters

Role Play: DynaCorps

DynaCorps, a private military/security firm, founded in 2191 during a time of great upheaval within the Inner Colonies of the Milky Way. In the absence of any authority from Gia (Earth) individual Pirate Clan factions warred over territory and resources. The majority of settlements didn’t have the manpower or resources to adequately defend against the growing threat.

DynaCorps was founded when several of the wealthiest colonies and worlds made pleas, and offered great rewards, to anyone that could provide security. DynaCorps services included trade shipping escort, security for traveling dignitaries and wealthy entrepreneurs, and providing personnel security.


Developing the reputation of being professional, and very capable, over time DynaCorp grew into a private military force that even the larger Pirate Clans learned to respect. Eventually DynaCorp extended their services beyond the wealthy and began bringing smaller colonies and settlements under their protection. By 2240 DynaCorp controlled vast territory throughout the Milky Way and their service portfolio had expanded to handle commerce, trade, and governance.

2250 - 2256

In 2250 Clan activity suddenly picked up with several of the larger organizations making a play for DynaCorps territory. By 2251 they were more or less at war on multiple fronts. For a time DynaCorps head its ground but the Clans seemed to be getting stronger with access to Helidyte and other resources from an unknown source.

Between 2253 and 2256 DynaCorp had lost significant territory to the Clans and was close to resorting to sticks and rocks for defense when suddenly a vast majority of the Clan resources were pulled back. It was not known at the time but the Clans were diverting their resources to Draco Tao in their battle with the Imperium and Brotherhood.

2270 - 2350

DynaCorp was able to pick up the pieces in the unexplained retreat of the Clans and by 2270 had replenished its forces and regained control of it territories. By 2300 the Clans had also returned in strength but they were not the same. Many of the smaller clan began to ally and fortify their defences as if in preparation for a war. However no war came and by 2350 things had returned to normal with conflicts between Clans a constant threat.

Today, based on the massive space station, Endeavor, nestled deep in the Orion Nebula. DynaCorps again controls vast territories in the Milky Way and serves the worlds under its protection.

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