The Toran


The Toran are a humanoid race. In fact their biology holds the key as to why there are so many humanoid species in the Universe. Genetic markers in the Toran genes can be traced back to more than 10 billion years. Making them the oldest known race in the Universe.


Toran physiology is very similar to humans. Notable differences are a larger heart. They are completely hairless, their bodies have no hair follicles at all. Their ears are very small and vestigial, they hear via a specialized structure situated behind the jaw bone. Their eyes can see in the ultraviolet and x ray spectrum in low light conditions. This ability seems to shut off above a certain ambient light level. There are also a few neurological differences with the Toran having .02 more neural capacity than the average human.


The original Toran homeworld was destroyed billions of years ago and their current homeworld of Torenus is located so far towards the outer reaches of the universe that no one has ever seen it including most Torans. They live in a small communities throughout several galaxies and are rare but far from hidden.

At the core of Toran culture is the Toa. This is the foundation of their spiritual and social belief structures. The Toran believe that the Universe itself is a living sentient entity. They also claim to be able to communicate directly with this Universe deity and thus know its secrets.

Through their understanding of the Universe and their place in it the Toran culture has long since eliminated the need for, and use of, social identifiers. Torans do not use names or titles of any kind among themselves. They have a mild telepathic ability that allows them to convey their "essence" to each other. This makes each Toran is truly a unique individual in that they are literally identified by the culmination of their life experiences. They find us and other cultures confusing because we define ourselves by context of our roles in society rather than defining ourselves as ourselves. We are social copies of each other in comparison.

The Toa

While the Toa is not considered a religion, particularly to the Toran, it has spawned trillions of followers throughout the universe across hundreds of thousands of races and species. These followers have modified the Toa belief system to their various cultures with the end goal of achieving the ability to also communicate with the Universe.

One of the major tenets of the Tao is also the basis to the belief that the Toran can see "through time". They do in fact have incredible perceptive and predictive abilities. These abilities are attributed to practice of Non-linear Perception. The Tao teaches that time has no beginning and no end, it happening always and through meditation and practice it is possible to see all past and future as if present.

The Tao also Describes the Universe as a sentient entity that did not create all life and matter as much as it "observed" it into existence.

"All was alone until it opened it's eyes and became aware of everything"


There are intellectual and spiritual representatives called The Light. but the Toran are really not involved in political matters beyond local issues that may affect their communities.

The Torician

The Toricians are much like the ancient samurai of the earth. They are a warrior race that only respects strength, honor, and loyalty. Their warriors fearless and ruthless but never reckless, planning battles to perfection.

The Toricians are dark grayed skinned and short in stature, averaging 4-5 feet tall. They’re muscular with almost reptilian eyes and claw-like fingers.

Honor is their greatest of law. To lie, deceive, or cheat, even to ones enemy is considered unforgivable and punishable by self-imposed disembowelment. If they refused to kill themselves then their entire family is executed publicly.