Illumination Matrix

The Illumination Matrix is a vastly complex neural construct that serves as the nexus for all Illuminated beings. in 2229 The Matrix was moved from Solum to an undisclosed planet after the Imperium High Council ruled that the Illuminated were no longer humans. The location is currently unknown.

Imperium Political Families

The Imperium itself is comprised of political groups called Families. Each Family is made up of representatives from various planets and colonies with members all vying for power and influence over the Imperium council. Anyone can choose to join a Family and work their way up the ranks in hopes of reaching the Imperium council. Representatives remain in power for as long as their Family continues to support them.

The Scientia are the only group that bypass the Family structure having their own elected group that represent them in the Imperium directly.

Ius: Brotherhood Code of Honor

I am absent of mind, I make chain of command my mind

I am absent of faith, I make my strength my faith

I am absent of enemies, I make weakness my enemy

I am absent of a people, I make humanity my people

I am absent of rank, I make my conduct my rank

I am absent of words, I make my honor my words

I am absent of weapon, I make vigilance my weapon

I am absent of armor, I make superior strategy my armor

I am absent of tactic, I make adaptability my tactic

I am absent of skill, I make instinct my skill

I am absent of body, I make endurance my body

I am absent of eyes, I make righteousness my eyes

I am absent of ears, I make knowledge my ears

I am absent of self, I make respect for life taken in battle my self

I am absent of home, I make the Universe my home

I am absent of fear, I make dishonor my fear

The Inaira


  • Homeworld: Wyuna
  • System: Sect Orbis
  • Galaxy: Atlas (NGC-1637)
  • Galactic Group: Eridanus


The Inaira are a diverse aquatic species with physical traits varying widely between Inairan from different regions of their planet Wyuna. Having adapted to living in high pressure environments they’re typically very resilient, and have a high strength to mass ratio. Another adaptation of living at depth is their ability to regulate internal pressure by constricting cells throughout their body, reducing blood flow and hardening their dermis.

The Inairan have a unique neurological system. Instead of a central neural mass, the brain is distributed along the length of the spinal column. This is beneficial in both pressure regulation and oxygen distribution in low oxygen environments. Another adaptation to hypoxia is self-induced suspended animation, by which the Inairan can survive in near vacuum conditions for months. In many ways the Inairan are perfectly suited for space travel.


The Inairan homeworld of Wyuna is more than 98% surface water, with many of the oceans reaching depths of over 8,000 kilometers. The entire population, of nearly 15 billion people, live below the surface of this endless ocean in vast cities that expand both outward and down into the depths.

Inairan civilization experienced explosive population and technological growth in a fairly short period of time, do mainly to having an unlimited source of energy. The vast majority of Inairan cities and industry are powered by geothermal vents that line the ocean floors. Unhindered by land or energy scarcity, Inairan culture was able to focus on scientific and technological advancement.

Most of Inairan technology is biological, powered by chemical fuel cells. Their computer systems, for example, are organic structures comprised of specifically designed synthetic neural cells. This technology has a number of benefits. Being organic, these systems are self-healing and able to recover from significant damage. As well they can be rapidly reproduced with minimal resources as they are grown and not manufactured.


Roughly 5000 years ago Wyuna was a very different planet, with 30% of it’s water trapped at the poles in massive glaciers. The Inairan civilization occupied both the oceans and the land. Then a massive volcanic eruption obliterated the planets largest land mass killing billions.

The eruption was so powerful that it sent debris into space and burned off much of the planets atmosphere. The increased solar radiation and thick planet-wide ash cloud resulted in an accelerated greenhouse effect. Within 120 years the ice caps were entirely melted turning the planet into a vast ocean, with the only visible land being the still active volcano.

The ash and chemicals released by the volcano made the air and epipelagic zone of the oceans uninhabitable. The global catastrophe however  proved to be a boon for Inairan civilization. Fear of extinction fueled a scientific revolution, and over the next 1800 years they experienced explosive technological growth.

However, despite the ability to expand into new oceanic territories, the smoldering volcano was still spewing out millions of tons of toxins that continued to pollute deeper into the oceans. The Inairan believed that in order to survive they would need to relocate to a new planet. Within 500 years they had highly advanced ships, and near light speed technology. 100 years after that, they had begun colonizing other planets.


The downside to the Inairan’s rapid technological growth is that their social advancement has not kept pace. Inairan social structure is based on a cast system, with the upper casts living in a near utopian society, and lower casts being little more than slaves. The enormous inequality between casts results in constant civil unrest and frequent, albeit short lived, rebellions. There are no negotiation as the ruling classes consider genocide the fastest best solution to quell uprisings.

Being weak in military technologies the Inaira have very little interaction with other races. And while they are represented in Parceil, there is marked tension between them and the Cysti.

The Illuminated


Homeworld: Unknown
System: Unknown
Galaxy: Unknown
Constellation: Eridanus

NOTE: The Illuminated originated on the Lumus home world of Solum however their current location is unknown.


The Illuminated are the digital transference of human minds into an artificial neural construct known as the Illumination Matrix. They lack biological bodies and commonly project themselves as human form holograms or use various cybernetic vessels.

Using the sub-spectrum communications network and various emitter technologies to project themselves virtually anywhere, the Illuminated are essentially omnipresent and immortal. While their projected forms can be disrupted or dispersed, their consciousness is stored on the hidden Illuminated home world.


There are a little over 2000 known Illuminated individuals. After their independence from Lumus society in 2228 no further records were available. Since 2270 many of the Illuminated reprised their roles in human societies. They’re found helping in research and exploration despite not being seen as human. In fact most Illuminated have embraced the disconnect and taken advantage of the freedoms it affords them. Since their presence is rarely questioned, and often not even known, it’s common to find them at top level political meetings, walking casually through combat zones.

For the most part the Illuminated have taken it on themselves to document the ongoing development of humanity. But not all Illuminated have taken up this hobby of Historian to mankind. There are some that have devoted their eternity to probing the secrets of the Universe. Which reveals the most intriguing aspect to Illuminated psychology.

The driving force of Illuminated culture seems to be curiosity and knowledge. With the exception of a handful of Illuminated becoming involved the Clan Wars, they follow a pretty devoted policy of non-interference. While they dole out scientific and historical facts openly. they don’t take sides in political matters and rarely give advice on action, or provide information beyond that which humanity has discovered on their own. This is in spite of the fact that, being connected via the Illumination Matrix, they all know – with a few exceptions – what they all know. Point in case, the Illuminated had begun observing and documenting alien races in 2238, and it was not until the 2280’s that humans made first contact. The Illuminated had the knowledge of aliens and simply did not divulge the information in order to allow humanity to make the discovery on its own. They are purely observers.

There are however a few small exceptions. The first being the Cyberforms. These represent a small faction of Illuminated that have chosen to interact with humans using physical android shells. They’re directly involved and participating with the affairs of mankind, however a sacrifice was made for this privilege. While they are still part of the Illumination Matrix, they have been partitioned, and no longer have access to the full knowledge of the collective. They know only what they directly experience.

The other notable exception is a very small minority of Illuminated have allowed themselves to become the subject of worship by some humans cults and even some alien races. Though it was frowned upon no action is taken to stop the practice.


The Illumination process was created in 2212 by Pratt Groom and Emory Toffton. By 2221 nearly 300 people were part of the program. However it proved difficult for society to accept the Illuminated as human beings. There was much debate over whether or not the minds in the Illumination program were still considered people, and if not, what the extent of their rights should be.

In 2228 the Imperium High Council ruled that the Illuminated were digital facsimiles of deceased individuals, and not a people. The ruling effectively strips the Illuminated of all rights in Lumus society. In 2229 the Illuminated, fearing for their continued survival, left Solum moving Illumination Matrix to an undisclosed planet and declare their independence from Lumus society.

For a time they seemed to simply disappear, but reemerged in 2270 to aid the Brotherhood and Lumus in bringing an end to the Clan wars after a devastating attack on Solum.


The Illuminated are not represented in the Imperium and have no formal internal political structure. They are however involved in many political decisions as information resources.

 Special Notes

The illuminated cannot be present during a LEAP. Being that they use subspectrum communications paths they are discontent when LEAP is initiated. This applies to Cyberforms as well.

Intuitive Neural Simulation

Developed on September 20th 2160 by Professor Ernest Ovinko, the Intuitive Neural Simulation is a quasi-artificial intelligence core. The INS system is not capable of independent thought like a traditional AI, rather it is a predictive interface. By analyzing neural patterns of a user the INS system can determine what you are about to do relative to the current task or situation.

For example if you are a ships navigator and you need to plot a course, the INS will sense your intent and begin all the preparations for the process before your arm has received the signal from your brain to raise you hand towards the controls. Without INS interfaces modern space combat would not be possible as pilots reaction times would be limited by their physical reactions.

INS systems are used as interfaces for complex computer cores, such as those in large space stations and ships. Early versions of the INS simply acted as hands-off interfaces for simple systems such as browsing the internet. However each successive version of the technology was able to predict actions faster and more precisely  The INS-9, affectionately called Einstein, is the most widely used incarnation of the technology. The Einstein is so fast and accurate in its predictions that it seems almost precognitive.


Interuniverse Resonance Theory

John Hawking had spent his entire career working to prove his Interuniverse Resonance Theory. After the events of the Shinigami disaster destroyed much of his previous research he was forced to start over, something he would later say was his greatest blessing.

In 2025 Hawking had been collaborating closely with a colleague inside the Blaisdale Corporation. After the disaster in 2029, Hawking had become certain that what had allowed the Shinigami 101D to escape destruction was a technology based on his theories.

The Interuniverse Resonance Theory states that all matter in the Universe vibrates at a specific base frequency. This frequency is unique and is what binds matter to our specific universe.

Hawking believed that given enough energy, matter could be forced out of its origin universe and into another. This displaced matter could not however exist in the other universe due to its mismatched resonance frequency and would be instantaneously forced back into our universe. Hawking also theorized that matter forced out of its universe would not re-enter at the same position at which it left. Instead it would re-enter at a new position relative to the energy used to force it out initially.

On December 8th 2051, after years of development Hawking successfully built a device that was able to shift an atom of iodine one billionth of a micron. Hawkings’ device used Nueon particles to alter the resonance frequency of the iodine atom enough for it to be push out of our universe.