Final Fire

Final Fire

The Final Fire test will define each cadet and failure is death. It takes place over 12 days and test five critical aspects of a warrior.

Basic Survival

Cadets are dropped in a remote location - could be anywhere - in a standard field uniform. They have no tools, no food, no shelter. They are given a set of geographical coordinates to a stash of supplies and they must navigate by stars not knowing what planet they may be on.


Once they locate the supplies they also find their mission packet that has the location of the extraction zone. In order reach the EZ they will ultimately find themselves faced with a number of judgment situations that will test their combat assessment and loyalty to the Ius.

Combat Skill

On the journey to completing Final Fire they will be faced with unpredictable environmental hazards and they must survive their own Brothers. A squad of seasoned Ferrum soldiers are also on the planet with the purpose and finding and capturing the Cadet.


Being chased by Ferrum soldiers does not allow the Cadet any rest time unless they are masters of evasion. The may not sleep or eat for days. The best course of action is offensive, take out as many threats as possible to give yourself room to breath. If they are captured they will be tortured until they escape or die.


At some various points during the Final Fire the cadet will be presented with tests of honor. Chased, tortured, and in mortal danger how the Cadet conducts themselves in battle is carefully observed. A Ferrum soldier can never act out of rage or desperation. They must never be brutal when mercy is possible. They must never allow others to suffer in their name.


After you pass they are assigned a post based on their specialty and needs of the Brotherhood. Sometimes special permission is awarded to high ranking parents who want their children under their command or in a certain post. Either way once these newly promoted Breakers arrive at their post they are assigned a Fender as a mentor.