Extra-Universe Sensory Distortion – LEAP Effect

Extra-Universe Sensory Distortion, more commonly refereed to as LEAP Effect, is the perception of blurred and streaming light patterns that occurs briefly during long distance LEAPs. The effect is caused by the inability of our brain to process the visual input of the intermediate zone occupied during LEAP before we re-emerge. It is theorized that for an few seconds we are in another universe with a completely different electromagnetic spectrum.


Elysium is a lush garden planet located in the Calico System in the Vigilem galaxy. It is the only known habitat for the Epensia plant which is valuable as an effective treatment for a terrible epidemic known as Barros Disease.

Elysium was first discovered when the Brotherhood surveyed the Calico System after establishing a listening post but the discovery of the Epensia plant brought much attention to the planet.

Since its discovery the Epensia plant has been highly sought after by outside interests including the Pirate Clans which uses the plant to make the narcotic Maxout. They have since found away to synthesize the drug which makes it more dangerous to the user but doesn’t require the use of the Epensia plant so pirate activity has decreased in the system.

In addition to the Epensia plant, Elysium is home to several new alien life forms, planet life and the site of a civilization that appears to have vanished over 100 years ago.

The Epensia Plant

Found almost exclusively on the the Planet Elysium in the Calico system, the Epensia plant has been found to have incredible medical potential, most notably as a potential cure for Barros Disease. Aside from the plants rarity it is also very particular and cannot be cultivated outside it’s native environment. Research was also made even more difficult as the plant contains more than 4500 chromosomes.

The primary importance of the Epensia plant was in its use as a treatment for Barros disease, a deadly neurological condition that was becoming an epidemic in many colonized systems. A compound in the Epensia is used to produce Acetoxt Bupropion, which exactly mimicks Acetoxy-tri-methyle-thana-minium, the neurotransmitter affected by Barros. Commonly called ACE, the treatment greatly slows the progression of Barros and is believed, with more research, to potentially be a cure for the disease.

The Epensia plant was placed under tight restrictions on its harvesting and thus raised its resource value significantly making it a target for unscrupulous traders.

In 2308, Scientists working on a cure for Barros inadvertently produce a highly effective stimulate. Increasing energy and level of awareness for many hours with no side effects, the substance had great potential. However Barros research was made priority and all other results were set aside. However the formula for the stimulant is leaked to the Pirate Clans who produce a synthetic version of the powerful drug called Maxout.

Earth Defense Initiative

On February 4th 2041 the Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) is established with the sole task of defending the planet and its population from any and all extraterrestrial threats. General Kenneth Brightman is appointed as Operations Director.

The organization is given unlimited resources to develop an early warning system of listening posts and position them throughout the solar system. Over the years the EDI’s expenses garnered a lot of controversy and in 2112 it was officially dissolved. Only to be reinstated again in 2141 after a major conspiracy is uncovered involving the SkyEye Corporation defrauding the UGC.

Towards the end of the Gaian conflicts the former EDI ,under direction of Grey Hevey, would becomes the foundations of the Brotherhood of Sol.