The 13th Legion


The 13th Legion is an elite mercenary force formed during the Clan Wars in 2250's to carry out covert operations. Under direct control of Brotherhood Command they were involved in many behind-the-scenes assassinations, espionage efforts, and responsible for capturing many high priority targets. Though officially disbanded after the Clan Treaties were established in 2270, a number of units are still active.

Currently, under the command of Director 1st Class Aywin more than 450 soldiers, scientists, medical professionals, and dedicated crew are base off LEAP capable space station, Carthage and the Tremal class warship Hannibal. Thier loyalties always first to their Director and second to each other.


In 2330 a growing concern with security was developing in the face of increasing contact with many new alien races. In the Scientia's exuberance to embrace and study the cultures of the universe more than a few conflicts resulted. One particular conflict with a race called the Torician escalated into a small war that threatened to destabilize an entire sector of Draco Tao.

2342, in the mission that would be known as the Duvei incident, 100 soldiers were sent to support the evacuation of a Lumus Scientia outpost on the planet of Duvei located in a disputed territory. As they were being overrun by Torician forces the 13th held their position until all retreating personnel were safely away and then continued to hold the enemy while the planet was bombarded by Brotherhood cruisers from orbit. Those 13th members sacrificed themselves saving thousands of lives and handing Torician their largest defeat to date.

After the Duvei incident the unit was placed back into service and relied on heavily by Brotherhood Command to manage the ongoing Torician conflict. The unit adopted the motto "iusti gladius, clypeus honos" to honor those lost at Duvei and  

Torician Conflicts

The war with the Torician began simply with a territorial dispute that was quickly escalated by the cultural stubbornness of both the Toricians and Brotherhood. Politically their differences could have been resolved easily however the two groups, with the identities defined by battle and honor, where beyond a political compromise.

The Brotherhood and the 13th could not back down for honor and the fear that any yield given would be seen as weakness to other potential alien threats, opening humanity up to more danger. The Toricians, battle in their blood, desired the perfect battle with the perfect enemy and had found that in the 13th. Honor for honor, sword-for-sword.