Unified Global Committee

A decade after the Shinigami Disaster civilization was well on its way to recovery. From tragedy arose opportunity. The vastly reduced population and sense of unity allowed the remaining world governments the opportunity to restructure.

On December 23rd 2039, Dean Karls is elected as the first Head Chairperson of the Unified Global Committee and for the first time in human history there is a single undivided governing body.

The UGC was a democracy in which representation was determined by geographic resource need in such a way that the benefit of abundance was to provide to scarcity. This included not only natural and manufactured resources, but also education and intellectual resources. The UGC established a number of organizations that were under its direction, but not entirely its control. The most notable of which were the:

  • Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) – mandated to protect humanity from any and all extraterrestrial threats.
  • World Sciences Organization (WSO) – mandated to safeguard and disseminate beneficial technologies to world industry to ensure technological advancement.
  • Health Of Humanity Resource (HOH) – oversaw and directed global health services as well as the development of medical technologies and medical research.
  • Enlightened Agricultural Trades (EAT) – managed the resources, technologies, and distribution of global agricultural needs and goods.

From 2039 to 2162 the UGC was amazingly successful presiding over a relatively peaceful and prosperous world population. In 2162 conflicts with the Earth-is-home extremist group, the Children of Gaia, began and escalated into the Gaian war in 2166 ultimately leading to the overthrow of the UGC by the Gaian Nation.

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