Cathedra City

Cathedra City was founded in 2280 on the Lumus home world of Solum. Built on an artificial island located in the middle of the vast Besar Basah sea, the city serves as a political neutral zone. Initially used for cross faction negotiations between Lumus, Brotherhood, and other minor groups, it was later used to receive Alien delegations.

Cathedra on its surface is a beautiful and polished monument to human social and political enlightenment. The city is filled with high-end merchant shops, entertainment, culture, and luxury living. All surrounding the Umoja Tower standing in the center. However Cathedra is also known for having a not so wholesome underground. This is not to say that anything unlawful is going on – at least not officially – it’s simply understood that not all negotiations are settled at a council table.

The city’s location was chosen because of its remoteness. The Besar Basah sea is a massive inland sea covering roughly 2.5 million kilometers surrounded by the brutal terrain of the Shattered Mountains and Amadoda forest filled with trees towering more that 160 meters tall and 25 meters at the base. The size and location of the sea makes it relatively calm year round.

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