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Heaven System

Located on the fringes of Draco Tao, Heaven is a binary system consisting of a primary yellow dwarf star called Heaven and a companion brown dwarf called Hades. The system is located in a vast star nursery called the Hellhound Nebula and in some ways is still in the middle of forming, it still had vast visible rings on dust and materials orbiting around Heaven beyond the orbit of Hades, infact the only safe area to LEAP is in area immediately surrounding Hades which contain the system only formed worlds the Planet Sentina and it moon Braveheart.

While young and volatile the system is a treasure trove of riches and is a magnet for traders, fortune hunters, and adventurers from three galaxies. Sentina with it moon Braveheart while technically in orbit around Hades is virtually locked in position by the conflicting gravity wells of both stars, (it would take 100,000 years for Sentina to orbit Hades at it present speed) These Conflicting Gravity fields has created an area of stable, debri free space that permits LEAPs to take place,, making Sentina the center of activity for mining activities but also a Lumus Stronghold, the vast asteroid belt make approaching the system with almost any other FLT almost impossible and even at sublight speeds a extremely dangerous Voyage.

The Planet Sentina itself is totally lifeless other than what its inhabitant has placed mostly in underground and domed communities with it Capital Congress being the largest and most visible city mostly because of it vast Dome, Most of it’s population called Sentinas live in orbit or on the Mining collectives scattered around the system. Most Mining Collectives are only accessible by the use of LEAP gates that have been set up, the location of the Collective made safe with great effort.

Hope – Planet

The Planetoid Hope is truly a unique destination in the Draco Tao galaxy and stands as a monument to its creator, Jadelyn Rensyn, the famous architect from the Imperium home world of Solum. Terraformed according to Rensyn’s exact instructions it was built to mimic ancient earth from the 20th century of which Rensyn was obsessed.

Hope is also the location of the infamous foothold disaster where it came under Clan control in 2261. It remained in Clan control, even for some time after the Armistice treaty in 2270. It was eventually abandoned in 2375 and sat uninhabited for two decade until in 2401 it was used to exile roughly 400 unsanctioned androids.


Braveheart is a small independently governed moon orbiting the Planet Sentina in the New Heaven System. It is considered one of the most successful terraforming ventures ever completed and a favored destination for affluent travelers in Draco Tao. Primary a resort colony built for Sentina, Breaveheart also exports agriculture and water to Sentina and Hope. It is also known to supply fine wines and delicacies to Imperium elite throughout the galaxy.


Solide is a moon orbiting the 4th planet in the Sol system of Draco Tao. It was founded as a secret outpost during the Gaian war on Earth and was the staging ground for the Pangaean liberation and birth place of the Brotherhood of Sol.

The moon is rich in ores and natural resources used for the production of military technologies. The entire western hemisphere of Solide is essentially a massive weapons manufacturing facility producing guns, armor, and vessels.

It is also the seat of power for the Brotherhood Command and the central weapons manufacturing and shipyard for the Brotherhood Ferrum.


Sentina is the principle planet in the New Heaven System. Established in 2238 it is one of the oldest colonized planets in Draco Tao. Dry with very little atmosphere it orbits tightly to the systems brown dwarf Hades. Despite the hostile environment, Sentina is home to roughly 30 million people living in the massive dome of Congress City. There are also numerous settlements on Sentina,  mostly mining collectives located in the northern hemisphere.

Calico System

Calico System (E-129) is in the Vigilem galaxy and is home to Elysium, a lush garden planet and the only known habitat for the Epensia plant. The plant is an effective treatment for a terrible epidemic known as Barros Disease. A synthetic variation of certain compounds from the plant are also used to manufacture the highly addictive narcotic Maxout.

Also located in the Calico system is the Palisade Belt which not only supports a number of mining operations but also acts as a natural defensive perimeter to the entire system. Further in the system is the Hephaestus Belt which separates Elysium from Blight and Fria.

This secondary perimeter contains certain properties that prevent the use of LEAP technologies. This makes it a secure location to base military operations but also makes normal transit through the asteroid belt extremely hazardous. The resolve this, the Gateway Nexus was constructed. Using a series of gravity pillars and BHEAMR technology an opening can be created in the belt for ship to pass.

There are five planet in the Calico system, Elysium being the only habitable. The system is named for the shifting pockets of colorful gas clouds that can be found there.