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The 13th Legion


The 13th Legion is an elite mercenary force formed during the Clan Wars in 2250's to carry out covert operations. Under direct control of Brotherhood Command they were involved in many behind-the-scenes assassinations, espionage efforts, and responsible for capturing many high priority targets. Though officially disbanded after the Clan Treaties were established in 2270, a number of units are still active.

Currently, under the command of Director 1st Class Aywin more than 450 soldiers, scientists, medical professionals, and dedicated crew are base off LEAP capable space station, Carthage and the Tremal class warship Hannibal. Thier loyalties always first to their Director and second to each other.


In 2330 a growing concern with security was developing in the face of increasing contact with many new alien races. In the Scientia's exuberance to embrace and study the cultures of the universe more than a few conflicts resulted. One particular conflict with a race called the Torician escalated into a small war that threatened to destabilize an entire sector of Draco Tao.

2342, in the mission that would be known as the Duvei incident, 100 soldiers were sent to support the evacuation of a Lumus Scientia outpost on the planet of Duvei located in a disputed territory. As they were being overrun by Torician forces the 13th held their position until all retreating personnel were safely away and then continued to hold the enemy while the planet was bombarded by Brotherhood cruisers from orbit. Those 13th members sacrificed themselves saving thousands of lives and handing Torician their largest defeat to date.

After the Duvei incident the unit was placed back into service and relied on heavily by Brotherhood Command to manage the ongoing Torician conflict. The unit adopted the motto "iusti gladius, clypeus honos" to honor those lost at Duvei and  

Torician Conflicts

The war with the Torician began simply with a territorial dispute that was quickly escalated by the cultural stubbornness of both the Toricians and Brotherhood. Politically their differences could have been resolved easily however the two groups, with the identities defined by battle and honor, where beyond a political compromise.

The Brotherhood and the 13th could not back down for honor and the fear that any yield given would be seen as weakness to other potential alien threats, opening humanity up to more danger. The Toricians, battle in their blood, desired the perfect battle with the perfect enemy and had found that in the 13th. Honor for honor, sword-for-sword.



Dreams Of Heaven

Hosted By: Katey Haystack & Denim Robonaught

Role Play: Dreams Of Heaven


2238. At the beginning of the Lumus push to expand into Draco Tao the Imperium Council decided that a golden colony was needed. A model for all coming colonies to aspire. The planet Sentina and its moon, Braveheart, would become this monument to human expansion.

Sentina was rich in resources and several mining outposts were established to support colonization. The environment however, while have an unparalleled ethereal beauty, was harsh and toxic. A grand dome was designed and built. At the time the Sentina Dome was the largest single habit structure ever constructed, spanning 80 kilometers.

After a decade Sentina had become a thriving colony with vast transport lines to export raw materials and resources. It was also a prime transportation hub, given that its thin atmosphere allowed for ultra-low orbit LEAP, and the home to the system’s government.

While Sentina had to be tamed tamed for humanity, it's moon Braveheart and a nearby planetoid, designated Hope, were perfect environments for colonization. Braveheart became a near utopian paradise with endless beaches, natural beauty and luxurious living conditions. Hope became the pet project of renowned architect, Jadelyn Rensyn. Rensyn created a city reminiscent of a late 20th century Earth, the ancient home of humanity being a childhood obsession of hers.

These worlds were a shining example of what humanity was capable of achieving and became referred to collectively as "The Dreams of Heaven". They became the home of many prominent figures in Lumus society including the Roberts, Brandi and Cepheus families.

Split Council

By late 2250 much of the galaxy was focused on the controversial conflicts between the Imperium and the Nomad groups, and later the arrival of the Pirate Clans from the Milky Way. Sentina was home to a number of Nomads and political lines began to divide the Sentina Council.

On one side were those that empathized with the plight of the Nomads, wanting to take in refugees and survivors from the Clan invasions, while on the other side there were those who felt that the Nomads had written their own faith in defiance of Imperium rule, and wanted to drive them out of Heaven in order to stay clear of potential conflicts.

As power shifted back and forth in Council so did the status of the Nomad population. At the worst of times their public rights were restricted and at the best of times they were only mildly discriminated against, but seeing as how Nomad civilization outside Heaven was being decimated by the Clans, matters for them could have been worse.

Foothold Disaster

2261. A squadron of Pirate Clan ships LEAP into Hope's orbit. The attack was clearly planned when security forces and heads of Council were attending annual ceremonies on the home planet of Solum. Clan forces overrun the planetoid gaining a foothold in the Heaven system.

As Heaven security forces return they go head to head with the occupying Clan and for as hard fought the battle may have been, they were simply no match for the Clan brutality. In the battle the Roberts family flagship, Sanctity was severely damaged in the crossfire killing almost everyone on board. Only the family patriarch, David Roberts, and a few crewmembers survived.

Also killed in the conflict is the Sentina Council President, putting the still grieving Roberts in charge of the Sentina Council along with the daunting task of brokering some kind peace with the invading Pirate Clan. If any good came from this tragedy it was that it reunified the population of Heaven. The Lumus and Nomad could put their differences aside for a common enemy.

As it turns out, the occupation of Hope by the Pirate Clan may have been more of a blessing than anything else for Heaven. The occupying Clan was very powerful and their presence kept the more opportunistic Clans at bay during most of the Clan wars.

War Ends

David Roberts peacekeeping skills and the standing harmony among the Lumus and Nomads on Sentina had maintained Heaven’s peace amid the turmoil in the rest of the galaxy. With the end of the clan wars in 2270 Heaven was no longer dominated by the clan, but neither was it the resource rich paradise it once were. The Clan occupation have all but depleted the mines.

When part of the Armistice agreement granted the Pirate Clans that remained in Draco Tao a swath of the galaxy, Heaven found itself sitting on the very edge of official Clan space. Given the systems proximity to Clan territory, the substantial Imperium or Brotherhood presence in the area put a strain on Clan/Lumus relations.

With limited post-war resources, any harmony in Heaven was credited to the diplomatic prowess of David Roberts. Known as the Father of Peace he was President of the Sentina Council for many years before stepping down into a permanent role of Peace Ambassador. In 2338 Roberts passes away at 105 leaving his daughter and long time attaché, Sentina, to take over his role.

Sentina Illuminated

Sentina Roberts more than fills her caters’ shoes. Over the span of her career she makes significant contributions, to maintaining peace on many planets throughout Draco-Tao. She plays a major role in the post war recovery of her home system of Heaven, not to mention her groundbreaking insights into colonization psychology revolutionizing the field. Tragically however her health continued to fail due to a rare incurable genetic disorder. in 2386 at age 74 Ambassador Sentina Roberts is accepted in the Illumination program leaving her son, Gaillen Roberts, to take over her position. Sentina has no intent to retire however. After she is Illuminated she transmits herself back to Sentina and becomes Gaillen's most trusted advisor.

There is much speculation surrounding Sentina's return to Heaven. The Illuminated having a hard policy of noninterference, Sentina was threading a very fine line with her involvement in political matters. Still.. her role through Gaillen was important to the continued rebuilding of Heaven.

Power Grab

In post war Heaven there were three families that struggled to control the remaining resources trade. Cepheus, Brandi and Telli. The Cepheus family own the Argos Mining Corporate, the largest company on Sentina. For years the Cepheus family maintained its influence in the system by controlling the flow of raw resources. In 2375 Cepheus manages to take over the Telli operation giving them even more power. However, Cepheus mining operations are completely dependant on water supplies transported from Braveheart.

Denim Brandi, wife of prominent resource broker Meghan Brandi responds to the Cepheus power grab by buying up sector 5 on Braveheart in 2382 putting her family in a position to control the system’s water supply lines. But not all of the Brandis support Denim's move. Nieve Brandi, Denim's sister, was not interested in natural resources, she was all about political power and active advocate for Nomad command equality.

The Cepheus family had ties to Imperium political Families and seeing an opportunity, Nieve arranged secret sit down with Cepheus who agreed to bring to exchange the use of their name for her backing. She then used her Council influence to secure government defense contracts and award them to Cepheus, resulting in the construction of several planetary defense stations. Now with Cepheus's business in service to the Council a portion of their water needs is subsidized.

Cyborg Decadency

Cybernetics have been around for a few hundred years, providing humans with implants and prosthetics for a variety of enhancements such as increased  speed, strength and replacing failing biological organs with their mechanical counterparts for even longer lifespans.

Although originally intended for military activities and medical purposes only, over the years open resources and black market sales made more people obsessed with being the perfect human, making cyborgs of themselves more than anything else.

Regular people were appalled at what these constructs had become and started treating these "cyborgs" as lesser humans, showing their dismay and outrage, often using them as menial or hazard laborers, and in some cases slavery.

In an attempt to counter her sister's actvities, Denim partners with her brother Cybernet, and in 2387 she invests in his struggling venture Cy'net. A seemingly foolhardy move at first.


2388 Cy'net shocks the cybernetics industry when they unveil their first completed android cyberform. No one can understand how the failing venture could suddenly turn over innovation that was leaps and bounds beyond all current development. That is until it was revealed that the androids were designed as physical avatars for the Illuminated.

The first unit was designated for his wife, who had become illuminated a few years before and was feeling restricted as Illuminated, she very much enjoyed the benefits intellectually but missed having a physical body and being able to interact with her family. She was not alone; There were a number of Illuminated with the same desires. With the support of this group of illuminated and their living families, they force the hand of the Roberts governing family, upsetting the water subsidies to Cepheus rebalancing control in the Heaven system.

A Way Back

By this time Nieve Brandi or the Cepheus family was gone. Using her political contacts garnered over the years Nieve pushes a proposal of own design through the Imperium political gauntlet. After months of being debated by the Families it is finally passed by the Imperium Council June 1, 2402.

More than 230 years after the Exodus, the children of Draco Tao return to the galaxy of their ancestors. Seeing an opportunity in the relative peace established with the Pirate Clans in Draco Tao and Vigilem, the Imperium dispatch ambassadors to the Milky Way in hopes of establishing trade routes. It is a delicate and potentially volatile endeavor, and a lot is riding on the shoulders of the woman in charge - and the one who drafted the proposal for this mission - Head Trade Ambassador, Nieve Brandi.

As negotiations continue, Nieve reestablishes a working relation with the Brandi and Cepheus families, together with some of the great thinkers of the Lumus scientia and scientists from the milky way in an effort to bridge the two galaxies.

Intergalactic Traders’ Guild

By 2409, after visiting hundreds of worlds and long negotiations between licensed and unlicensed trade worlds, the Intergalactic Traders’ Guild or ITG for short, is established. An opportune if not somewhat rocky alliance between trading worlds of the Milky Way, Draco Tao and Viligilem galaxies. Though there  will always be those that try to use it for illegal ventures and others who outright refuse to be any part of it.

Dark Matter bridge

In 2404 a 1600 meter high transceiver array with a five mile radius was assembled on Hope and the planetoid evacuated as a precautionary measure. On April 12th 2414 the project receives a final go. Activating the transceivers on both sides at a prearranged USD, it takes thirtysix hours of volatile burning before the bridge is completed. From people's perspective planetside, the sky was on fire and the following night never went dark.

It takes another five days for the corridor to stabilise, in which time an unknown electrical charge lashed out from it destroying the transceiver assembly on Hope, killing 92 scientists working at the site. Over the course of two days after the bridge stabilised Hope's atmosphere becomes toxic, and Hope is made a quarantine zone deemed off limits.

With the bridge now in place, and despite losing a perfectly good planet, the bridge did away with excessive power consumption and long recharge times connected with LEAP. Large ships and stations were able to LEAP after passing to the other side, and smaller vessels were able to move between galaxies without the need of the huge LEAP drives or a series of LEAP gates.

Calico Saga

January 2325: A Fresh Perspective

Despite the fact peace has been declared with the Cirecidus the Brotherhood Ferrum knew what a simple mistake could cost them. There were more aliens out there and one couldn't help but wonder how they would react when encountered. More to the point, how would we react?

The Brotherhood traded the romantic hopes of peace the Imperium had for the reality of possible conflict. A secure location was needed to observe and prepare for future interactions with aliens.

Director Stanic requested permission to launch several recon missions deeper into Vigilem hoping to find a location worthy of a new secure Ferrum  base.

June 2325: A Likely Candidate

After several months of searching, a system designated E-219 is flagged. It has five planets, the third being habitable. A garden world with a breathable atmosphere and lush with flora and fauna. Surveys indicate the planet would be ideal for colonization and is named Elysium for its exotic beauty.

However the features that makes Elysium perfect for the needs of the Brotherhood is the presence of two asteroid belts. One, the Palisade Belt, a massive field surrounding the outer edge of the solar system. And the other, Hephaestus Belt, a dense field between the orbits of the third and fourth planets. Both contained numerous minable resources. Resources that could be processed into building material for stations and outposts without need for outside help that would potentially revealing the planets location.

The system also had random shifting pockets of colorful unidentified gases concentrated in the area of the Heph Belt.This in itself was not notable, however the phenomena cause interference that obscured the planet from long range scanning technologies. It also, along with it's colorful planets, earned the system the name Calico.

December 2330: The Start

With a basic asteroid mining operation running, construction begins on an outpost in the Hephaestus asteroid belt. Meanwhile an analysis of the plant samples on Elysium reveal something exciting. One particular plant has curative properties that was a promising treatment to a epidemic among Blue Star colonies throughout the Draco Tao Galaxy. The Lumus Scientia operatives petition the Ferrum to allow them to set up a sister base in the Calico system for further study of the plant.

The initial request was denied, fearing an additional base would increase traffic undermining its secrecy. Over six months of negotiating a deal is finally reached. The Lumus Scientia and Brotherhood agree to construct a joint base of which the Brotherhood would maintain operational control and the Scientia would have areas designated for medical and scientific research. Designated Gateway Station, newly appointed Rook Officer, Rich Lombardia is given the honor of overseeing the station as his first Command.

January 2335: The First Beam is Laid

With resource mining and processing in full swing and a number of outposts established, construction of Vanguard Station begins in orbit around Elysium. This would be the base of operations for the Brotherhood Fleet in this sector. There was only one issue. While the odd properties of the Callico System hid everything inside the Heph Belt from prying eyes it also prevented LEAP out of Elysiums orbit.

Being that ships could only LEAP from the far side of the Hephaestus Belt, a method was needed to transit ships through the belt. Ferrum and Scientia scientists on Gateway Station devise a brilliant solution. Using modified BHEAMR (Broadcast High Energy Amplified Momentum Ray) technology they created massive energy pillars. By placing six of these BHEAMR pillars it was  possible to create a void in the belt large enough to allow battle ships to pass through. The gate became known as the Gateway Nexus.

May 2342: Vanguard Station Goes Online

Vanguard Station goes on-line under the Command of the Director Marium Mason and  the Brotherhood's 8th Expeditionary Force had a new place to call home. The Lumus Scientia as well stations it's 2nd Medical Corps on a new outpost on Elysium to handle harvesting and manufacturing of the healing plant into a usable pharmaceutical.

The Imperium intercedes and demands to have a presence the system protect Imperium interests and try and bolster their waning influence in the Vigilem galaxy. The Scientia begrudgingly agree as long as they have full control over the Science and Medical facilities. The Ferrum also accepts Imperium officer Lucas Varro, reminding everyone that Cailco is ultimately under control of the Brotherhood Command.

April 2345: A Major Breakthrough

The importance of the Epensia plant was in its use as a treatment for Barros disease, a deadly neurological condition that had become an epidemic in many colonized systems. A compound in the Epensia plant exactly mimicked Acetoxy-tri-methyle-thana-minium, the neurotransmitter affected by Barros. Called ACE, the treatment greatly slowed the progression of Barros and was believed, with more research, could potentially cure the disease.

Sorting through the Epensia plants more than 4500 chromosomes to isolate the specific compounds needed proved to be extremely challenging. To make it more difficult, any efforts made to sustain the plant in the lab failed. Even when soil from Elysium was used and atmospheric conditions were precisely mimicked. The plant required the very specific conditions of its native environment.

February 2346: New arrivals

The cargo vessel Bright Horizon arrives in the Calico system. The ship belongs to Reginald P. Mertaugh Esquire, owner of the Independent Miner's Coalition and known for having Pirate clan associations. Mertaugh swears that they stumbled upon Calico during routine expedition runs and requests an audience with Director Mason.

Mertaugh proposes that his crew could more effectively mine the Palisade Belt and, in exchange for resource rights, he would provide Mason with all the raw materials needed build an additional three stations and shipyard planned. This would free up hundreds of Ferrum personnel currently assigned to mining.

Director Mason reluctantly accepts the offer knowing that, short of killing Mertaugh and his crew, there was no way to keep Elysium a secret. The ability to accelerate operations was a poor trade off but it was at least something. The Bright Horizon entered orbit around the fifth planet Fria to begin setting up mining operations in the Palisade Belt.

February 2351: Addictive Accident

Scientists experimenting with new ways to produce ACE inadvertently create a highly effective stimulate. The substance produced an incredible increase in energy and awareness over the course of 3 hours topping off with a feeling of complete euphoria as it metabolized in the users system. There did not appear to be any side effects, however do to the extremely rare nature of the Epensia plant, the research was set locked away. However not before the formula found it's way to Mertaugh and his Clan associates.

A synthetic version of the powerful drug was soon produced, this variation have very serious side effects. Called Maxout, when the bluish powder and inhaled there is a burst of energy and euphoria followed up with the user being in a near vegetative state for fifteen minutes to an hour. The drug is pushed toward Belt miners wanting to work longer and harder. It quickly becomes a favorite of anyone working long hours including engineers and soldiers and is referred to as "getting dusted”.

All attempts to crack down on the drug in the Calico system fail. It begins to be such an issue  that Director Mason is forced to mandate harsher punishments for anyone found using or dealing Maxout and tasks Rook Lombardia with rooting out the source of Maxout.

January 2388: Retaliation

Maxout had spread beyond Calico and was quickly becoming a problem in other systems. Having had enough, Director Mason, orders the forced evacuation of Mertaugh's ship, Bright Horizon. He then destroys the ship as a warning to Mertaugh to cease Maxout production. Needless to say Mertaugh is more than a little upset.

Two days later Director Mason is found dead in his quarters. His head severed and placed on a table in a pile of Maxout. Rook Lombardia made acting Director 1st Class and put in charge of the 8th.

December 2390: Ripe for the Taking

After the murder of his predecessor Director Lombardia did not ease up on Mertaugh, and Mertaugh did not roll over. Conflicts steadily escalated and Mertaugh began hitting back where it would hurt most. He began ordering raids on the Epensia fields and reasearch outposts on Elysium. With Mertaugh backed by the Pirate Clans, Lombardia quickly found himself in a small war in his own system.

January 2393: A Ghost Among the Stars

Several Brotherhood patrols report aberrant sensor contacts. All equipment checks are green however upon arrival to the location nothing can be found. No ships, no stellar anomalies, no trace signals. Director Lombardia knew something was out there shadowing their patrols but, because of the distraction of Mertaugh and the Clans, there weren't enough resources available to deal with it. Nor was there enough evidence to justify to Ferrum Command violating Article 8 and taking a more heavy fisted sponse to Clan activity, or to convince Scientia leaders that the defense of the Epensia plant was second priority. He just had to wait and see.

April 2396: Missing in Action

Over the course of the next three years a number of 8th Squadron patrols are destroyed. It is  assumed to be the actions of Clan activity in the area despite there is no evidence specifically pointing to that being a fact. Then a break.

A SAR (Search And Rescue) group investigating the area around the most recent attack finds the wreckage of an alien craft. Roughly the same size as a Brotherhood Grendel fighter the ship was not registered in the database of known races provided by the Cysti. This was was enough evidence to get clearance from Ferrum Command to bypass Article 8.

  • Article 8 is part of the agreement established between the Brotherhood of Sol, Lumus, and Pirate Clans after the Clan Wars. It limited of any military response against humans by the Brotherhood in any localized conflict.

With Imperium, Scientia, and Ferrum Command approval, Lombardia and the 8th unleash hell in Calico. Within days Mertaugh and the Clan were in retreat and Lombardia could begin to focus on real threats.

May 2397: First Look at the Alien Threat

The alien wreckage recovered revealed some clues as to the new alien threat. The body of the alien pilots had reptilian characteristics and were heavily augmented with cybernetics. The ship itself had traces of an element they had never encountered before but it seemed to be found in both the ship and cybernetics. The data on the craft is sent to Command and within hours Lombardia received a response. Vanguard Station and Calico operations were to be put on High Alert and prepare for a visit from the Cysti.

36 hours later an envoy of the Cysti arrived at Vanguard. Based on the reports sent back to the Brotherhood and Imperium, the Cysti had determined the aliens were the Aevitan, a highly isolationist and combative species. There was no way of knowing specifically why the Aevitan were attacking 8th patrols as there were very little diplomatic communications between them and any other species. It was possible they sought the Epensia plant on Elysium. Regardless of the reason, the situation was potentially extremely volatile.

The Cysti warn that this was not a threat that humanity was prepared for nor was it one that they could be protected. It was strongly urge the Brotherhood and Lumus to yield the system to the Aevitan. There was, of course, no chance that this was going to happen.

June 2403: The Devil At The Door

Six years pass and skirmishes with the Aevitan increase steadily. It was clear that they were biding their time and testing the Brotherhood defenses. Then on June 1st 2403 a group of Aevitan ships gather on the edge of the Calico system outside the Palisade Belt. Lombardia scrambles three squadrons into defensive positions. The Aevitan make no move, in fact many of the alien ships power down and go dark and just sit there as if to say they don't see the Brotherhood as a threat.

Dec 2408: The First Dance

Patrols monitoring the Aevitan ships sitting silently on the edge of the system had become routine and mundane. Many even speculated that the ships had been abandoned as scans could not detect any life signs. That is until they awoke.

The Brotherhood Squadrons in the area barely had time to respond as the Aevitan ships powered up and cut through them with little effort. The ships then moved through the Palisade asteroid belt and accelerated towards Elysium.

Within days the Aevitan arrive at the Heph belt and are met by the 8th. One attempt to communicate was made by Director Lombardia before the first Aevitan ship opened fire.

Lombardia realized quickly that the Cysti warnings were not overly cautious. The battle could have easily been over in a matter of hours if not for the protection of the Hephaestus Belt. The Brotherhood forces very effectively used the asteroid field and the Gateway Nexus to hold the battle for weeks before the Aevitan decided to leave. Lombardia was very clear in his report. The aliens did NOT retreat, they just left.

March 2410: The Grand Ball

Over the next several years Lombardia and the 8th have many encounters with Aevitan forces. The aliens initially had a clear advantage and seemed to be toying with the Brotherhood but their arrogance was short lived as the 8th learned and began to inflict serious losses.

In March of 2412 it appeared the Aevitan had revised their impression of the Brotherhood from plaything to threat. A fleet of alien ships descend upon Calico and Lombardia sets the 8th loose.

The battle is beyond brutal, testing the skill and resolve of the Brotherhood and Imperium forces. The Brotherhood could not hold position and losses were mounting rapidly. Lombardia had to do something drastic. He ordered his forces to draw the alien fleet closer to the Gateway Nexus and he ordered the evacuation of Vanguard Station. As the Aevitan fleet moved into position Lombardia ordered the Vanguard destroyed.

The detonation of the stations QS reactors rippled through the asteroid belt turning it into an unstoppable weapon. Asteroids ripped through the Aevitan fleet tear it to shreds. Lombardia watched from his ship rock and fire did more effectively what their most advanced weapons could not.

June 2412: Aevitan Pacified

After the conflict in Calico the Imperium make a desperate move to prevent further confrontations with the Aevitan. Knowing that it is nearly impossible to open diplomatic relations with the highly isolationist species they approach the Illuminated. It was known that the Illuminated a alliances with a technologically advanced alien race for over a decade, it was only now that the connection to the Aevitan was made.

The plan worked but the Brotherhood Ferrum was furious over the Imperium move. Ultimately the Imperium had no control over the Illuminated and while they were now negotiating to the benefit of humanity, there was no guarantee they would always do so. The Brotherhood felt that the Imperium had just put themselves in a position of weakness with the Illuminated who was now known to be allied with an incredibly powerful military force.

2413: Present Day

The new Vanguard station goes online and Lombardia is promoted to Director 2nd Class and receives a commendation of honor for his tactical achievement against the Aevitan. The Scientia 2nd Medical Corps reclaim the base on Elysium and continue their work unlocking the potential of the Epensia plant and manufacturing a treatment for Barrows disease.

For now the Aevitan threat was dormant and Lombardia is directed to represent the Brotherhood in a bold move by the Imperium to reconnect with the long lost human colonies Milkyway. The concern being that reentering the home galaxy of mankind my spark a war with the Children of Gaia.


The Pelarian Event

Hosted By: Zzog Posthorn

Role Play: Didymus Space Station

Located in the Vigilem galaxy the planet Didymus is home to the Pelarian species. A peaceful humanoid race, they are technologically advanced, having space travel and some knowledge of the existence of other alien species.

2250 - The Storm

Didymus is caught in the path of a freak meteor storm resulting in multiple large surface impacts. Luckily no major population centers suffered a direct hit however there are concerns about the dust and debris launched into the upper atmosphere from the impacts.

2255 - Fallout

Dust and fallout from meteor impacts five years prior have a larger environmental effects than the Pelarian scientific community had first speculated. Sharp declines in crop yields are cause for concern, as well as a rise in respiratory and immune health issues globally, have scientist scrambling for answers.

2300 - Bleak Outlook

After decades of cleanup efforts using massive atmospheric processors, the first signs of environmental stabilization are seen. Reports of public health issues begin to trend downward, however, despite improving air quality, global climate changes still continue to move in an alarming direction with crop yields and wildlife numbers dropping steadily.

2320 - At The Core

Pelarian scientist determine that the climatic changes, and recent significant increases in seismic activity, are due to changes in the planet core causing polar magnetic fluctuations.

2335 - Taking Shelter

With severe shifts in climate and frequent devastating earthquakes Pelarian society approaches a critical collapse. Some of the population begins to move off-world to a number of space stations and a temporary colony on the planets moon. Unfortunately dwindling resources and collapsing social structures makes those able to defect a very limited few.

2342 - Buried Threat

Scientist researching the causes of the drastic environmental changes on Didymus make a startling discovery. The planets core is indeed being changed but the cause is no longer a matter of academic speculation. The discovery of a vast network of machined tunnel reveals an alien technology buried deep below the planet surface. This alien hardware is using the planets core to power some massive machine that is devouring the planets raw resources from the inside out. It is believed that the meteors that had bombarded the planet years prior were actually the seeds for whatever this thing was.

2350 - From the Depths

After the discovery of a massive alien machine devouring the heart of their planet, several attempts are made by the Pelarian militaries to stop the alien technology and eventually the mysterious invaders respond. Hordes of mechanical creatures erupt enmass from the impact craters formed almost a century prior. The mechanized plague spreads across the planet devouring resources and slaughtering the Pelarian population.

2351 - Those That Survived

In a mere matter of months the surface of Didymus is stripped clean of resources and life. The Pelarian population is decimated by this nightmarish alien threat and those that escaped into orbit, and to their moon, are last of their race.

2378 - Desperate Measures

Having lost their home world, and all but a fraction of their civilization remaining, the Pelarian desperately venture out into the galaxy. It isn't long before they encounter another humanoid species with shockingly similar biologies. With few resources and no previous communications with alien races, the Pelarian begin to scavenge, and eventually raid, the resources of these new aliens.

2385 - Brotherhood Encounter

After years of minor conflicts, with what is believed to be a small Pirate Clan group using alien tech, resulting in ship and resource loses. Brotherhood forces track a raiding party from a Scientia outpost to a moon in a nearby system. They are shocked to discover that the culprits are in fact not the Clans, but a previously unknown alien race.

2387 - Sleepers Close

After discovering the Pelarians and learning of their desperate plight, negotiations between the alien race and humans began. While some of the displaced Pelarians rejected the idea of trusting humans, the majority of them gave into offers of supplies and trade. As well Scientia scientists become acquainted with the Pelarians history and how they lost their home. Noting the similarities between the Pelarian accounts, and evidence from various other dead planets on record, it was quickly concluded that the Pelarians had encountered the mysterious Sleepers. An expedition to Didymus confirmed the Sleep connection, except this time the machines left behind in the hollowed out planet were not yet cold. Research began immediately.

2395 - Breakthrough

After several years researching the now dead World of Didymus, Lumus scientist make a breakthrough and devise a way to track signals they believe are used for communications by the mysterious alien force known as the Sleepers.

2400 - One Step Closer

In the typical mix of Scientia excitement and Brotherhood scepticism, it is announced that communications from an alien species, suspected of being the infamous Sleepers, had been intercepted and the profoundly complex communications had been deciphered.

Discovery of the Sleepers over 200 years prior was the catalyst for humanities biggest push into the stars. Now the Sleepers had a name. Cross referenced from the various ancient alien tongues and coming from Toa, the oldest known language in the Universe, Soolawtheen Agrameesus, meaning The First Shadow.

DynaCorp Saga

Hosted By: Callum Winters

Role Play: DynaCorps

DynaCorps, a private military/security firm, founded in 2191 during a time of great upheaval within the Inner Colonies of the Milky Way. In the absence of any authority from Gia (Earth) individual Pirate Clan factions warred over territory and resources. The majority of settlements didn’t have the manpower or resources to adequately defend against the growing threat.

DynaCorps was founded when several of the wealthiest colonies and worlds made pleas, and offered great rewards, to anyone that could provide security. DynaCorps services included trade shipping escort, security for traveling dignitaries and wealthy entrepreneurs, and providing personnel security.


Developing the reputation of being professional, and very capable, over time DynaCorp grew into a private military force that even the larger Pirate Clans learned to respect. Eventually DynaCorp extended their services beyond the wealthy and began bringing smaller colonies and settlements under their protection. By 2240 DynaCorp controlled vast territory throughout the Milky Way and their service portfolio had expanded to handle commerce, trade, and governance.

2250 - 2256

In 2250 Clan activity suddenly picked up with several of the larger organizations making a play for DynaCorps territory. By 2251 they were more or less at war on multiple fronts. For a time DynaCorps head its ground but the Clans seemed to be getting stronger with access to Helidyte and other resources from an unknown source.

Between 2253 and 2256 DynaCorp had lost significant territory to the Clans and was close to resorting to sticks and rocks for defense when suddenly a vast majority of the Clan resources were pulled back. It was not known at the time but the Clans were diverting their resources to Draco Tao in their battle with the Imperium and Brotherhood.

2270 - 2350

DynaCorp was able to pick up the pieces in the unexplained retreat of the Clans and by 2270 had replenished its forces and regained control of it territories. By 2300 the Clans had also returned in strength but they were not the same. Many of the smaller clan began to ally and fortify their defences as if in preparation for a war. However no war came and by 2350 things had returned to normal with conflicts between Clans a constant threat.

Today, based on the massive space station, Endeavor, nestled deep in the Orion Nebula. DynaCorps again controls vast territories in the Milky Way and serves the worlds under its protection.