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The Illuminated


Homeworld: Unknown
System: Unknown
Galaxy: Unknown
Constellation: Eridanus

NOTE: The Illuminated originated on the Lumus home world of Solum however their current location is unknown.


The Illuminated are the digital transference of human minds into an artificial neural construct known as the Illumination Matrix. They lack biological bodies and commonly project themselves as human form holograms or use various cybernetic vessels.

Using the sub-spectrum communications network and various emitter technologies to project themselves virtually anywhere, the Illuminated are essentially omnipresent and immortal. While their projected forms can be disrupted or dispersed, their consciousness is stored on the hidden Illuminated home world.


There are a little over 2000 known Illuminated individuals. After their independence from Lumus society in 2228 no further records were available. Since 2270 many of the Illuminated reprised their roles in human societies. They’re found helping in research and exploration despite not being seen as human. In fact most Illuminated have embraced the disconnect and taken advantage of the freedoms it affords them. Since their presence is rarely questioned, and often not even known, it’s common to find them at top level political meetings, walking casually through combat zones.

For the most part the Illuminated have taken it on themselves to document the ongoing development of humanity. But not all Illuminated have taken up this hobby of Historian to mankind. There are some that have devoted their eternity to probing the secrets of the Universe. Which reveals the most intriguing aspect to Illuminated psychology.

The driving force of Illuminated culture seems to be curiosity and knowledge. With the exception of a handful of Illuminated becoming involved the Clan Wars, they follow a pretty devoted policy of non-interference. While they dole out scientific and historical facts openly. they don’t take sides in political matters and rarely give advice on action, or provide information beyond that which humanity has discovered on their own. This is in spite of the fact that, being connected via the Illumination Matrix, they all know – with a few exceptions – what they all know. Point in case, the Illuminated had begun observing and documenting alien races in 2238, and it was not until the 2280’s that humans made first contact. The Illuminated had the knowledge of aliens and simply did not divulge the information in order to allow humanity to make the discovery on its own. They are purely observers.

There are however a few small exceptions. The first being the Cyberforms. These represent a small faction of Illuminated that have chosen to interact with humans using physical android shells. They’re directly involved and participating with the affairs of mankind, however a sacrifice was made for this privilege. While they are still part of the Illumination Matrix, they have been partitioned, and no longer have access to the full knowledge of the collective. They know only what they directly experience.

The other notable exception is a very small minority of Illuminated have allowed themselves to become the subject of worship by some humans cults and even some alien races. Though it was frowned upon no action is taken to stop the practice.


The Illumination process was created in 2212 by Pratt Groom and Emory Toffton. By 2221 nearly 300 people were part of the program. However it proved difficult for society to accept the Illuminated as human beings. There was much debate over whether or not the minds in the Illumination program were still considered people, and if not, what the extent of their rights should be.

In 2228 the Imperium High Council ruled that the Illuminated were digital facsimiles of deceased individuals, and not a people. The ruling effectively strips the Illuminated of all rights in Lumus society. In 2229 the Illuminated, fearing for their continued survival, left Solum moving Illumination Matrix to an undisclosed planet and declare their independence from Lumus society.

For a time they seemed to simply disappear, but reemerged in 2270 to aid the Brotherhood and Lumus in bringing an end to the Clan wars after a devastating attack on Solum.


The Illuminated are not represented in the Imperium and have no formal internal political structure. They are however involved in many political decisions as information resources.

 Special Notes

The illuminated cannot be present during a LEAP. Being that they use subspectrum communications paths they are discontent when LEAP is initiated. This applies to Cyberforms as well.

Pirate Clans


Homeworld: Various
System: Various
Galaxy: Milky Way


Human, nothing particularly special.


The inner workings of the Pirate Clans is a fairly typical criminal structure. Clans vie for power and control over territory. They increase their influence through corruption and violence. Most of the Clans are involved in the trafficking of dangerous and illegal goods such as drugs, prostitution, and even Illumination scams.


The origins of the Clans can be trace to former WSO Scientist Timothy Dalton. After violating intergalactic terraforming regulations conducting an unauthorized experiment that resulted in the deaths of 124 people, Dalton and his crew became fugitives. Over the years as the Gaian War drew resources away from the outer colonies Dalton slowly, and violently, gained influence and power and in 2183 headed the third largest crime syndicate in the galaxy.

After the Exodus from Earth the outer colonies of the Milky Way were on their own and the Clans gain further control. Over the decades of constant conflict for territorial control nine major Clans ruled over the Galaxy.

In 2247 oppressed Nomad colonies in the Draco-Tao system reached out to the Milky Way for aide in their rebellion. The Clans saw an opportunity to establish a foothold in Draco-Tao. After several years of conflict with Imperium and Brotherhood forces the bulk of the Clans were run out of Draco-Tao.


The Clan political structure is less official as it beneficial. Dominance over territory is almost entirely based on military might. This is not to say there is no law. There is a loose code of honor that is followed by all Pirate Clans that serves to subvert complete chaos. Violations of this code are collectively punished, and the punishment is always death.

There are still free zones in the Milky Way, planets and systems the control vital resources allowing them to afford neutrality.



Homeworld: Solum
System: Sol
Galaxy: Draco-Tao (NGC-1300)
Constellation: Eridanus


With the majority of the population on Solum originating from Pangaea it’s not surprising that many continued the values and traditions of their former society. Lumus culture emphasizes the importance of the interconnectedness of community as well as intellectual advancement.

Given the number of people, rate of growth, varying beliefs, and vast range, the Lumus political and social system is incredibly diverse and complex. However in the broadest sense, Lumus society is comprised of three groups.

The Lumus Imperium evolved from the temporary government formed on Solum after the exodus from Earth. The new governing body, known as the Imperium, was extremely effective and popular. It was not merely a government, but a subculture unto itself. Over time the people of Solum came to identify themselves collectively as the Lumus, and the Imperium was recognized as the established authority.

The Lumus Scientia are almost solely responsible for the technological advancement of Lumus civilization. They are also responsible for the scientific and intellectual development of society as a whole. The Scientia as a society are larger, and in some aspects more powerful than the Imperium, however they lack political drive. For the Sciencia it’s all about the science.

The Civis are a class, not below the others, but without a specific charge. They include anyone that is not part of the Scientia or Imperium societies. The Civis make up the bulk of Lumus society and as such the bulk of Lumus agriculture and industry.

Each segment of Lumus culture plays its role in achieving the single overriding principle of Lumus philosophy; that it is the destiny of mankind to spread throughout the universe.


After the exodus from Earth in 2181 humanity settled on its new home-world of Solum. After a period of adjustment and restructuring known as the Second Renaissance, the Lumus aggressively pushed further into the stars.

By 2230 they were establishing colonies, outposts, and trade routes throughout Draco-Tao. They grew so fast that they quickly exceeded the Brotherhood of Sol’s resources to protect them. This led to conflicts between the Brotherhood and Imperium leaders that became a factor in events leading to the War with the Pirate Clans from the Milky Way .

Lumus expansion continued at a steady rate until about 2247 when Pirate Clans used the Nomad rebellions to get a foothold in Draco-Tao. The Clans slowed Lumus colonization but not by much. By 2275 the population had reached 20 billion and the Imperium had their eyes set on a whole new galaxy.

In 2278 the Imperium began their expansion into the Karora sector and the Vigilem galaxy where they finally made contact with an intelligent alien race.


Most Lumus colonies maintain their own local governments to handle day to day issues and there is very little interaction by the Imperium. At the local level colony governments range from democratic to dynastic. There are no rules pertaining to government structure as long as the general mandates of Imperium law are followed.

The Imperium itself is comprised of political groups called Families. Each Imperium Family is made up of representatives from various Civis planets and sectors, with members all vying for power and influence over the Imperium High Council. Anyone can choose to join a Family and work their way up the ranks in hopes of reaching the Imperium High Council. Representatives remain in power for as long as their Family continues to support them.

The Scientia bypass the Family structure and have their own elected group that represent them as a whole in the Imperium directly.

Imperium Insignia

Brotherhood of Sol


Homeworld: Solide
System: Sol
Galaxy: Draco-Tao (NGC-1300)
Constellation: Eridanus


Renowned as fearless soldiers and brilliant strategists, the Brotherhood of Sol are the self-sworn protectors of humanity.

Sol society is disciplined and regimented. All of Sol culture respects and lives by the Ius (ee-us), a strict set of social laws and code of honor. Weakness is not tolerated and Sol children begin combat training from the day they can walk. Training continues until roughly the age of 15 at which time all Sol youths are pushed literally to their physical and mental limits during the Final Fire. If they live, they graduate and continue on to military training.

The Brotherhood “Military” is far more encompassing than just combat. While everyone receives the highest possible combat and tactical training not everyone will specialize in combat and join the Ferrum. Nearly every facet of industry is supported under the umbrella of Brotherhood military, with mastery and rank in each equally respected. In Brotherhood society it is understood that military might is acheived beyond combat. It is a combined will of all; soldiers, scientists, engineers, medical, and even philosophers and educators.

The fist that holds the sword is only a threat with a body and mind to make it a weapon. -Grey Hevey


In 2041 the United Global Committee (UGC) formed the Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) in response to a perceived alien threat. The group was dissolved in 2112, only to be reinstated in 2142, at which point the EDI and World Science Organization began joint deep-space exploration missions. These missions, in part, incited the fundamental divide in culture that led to the Gaian war.

In 2169 Grey Hevey, seeing the situation in the Milky Way becoming increasingly unstable, secretly began building a weapons manufacturing facility on the moon Solide. In 2180, after the conclusion of the Gaian war, Hevey founded the Brotherhood in order to liberate the people imprisoned on Pangaea.

It was not until after Grey Hevey’s death in 2191 that the Brotherhood began to see itself as a defined independent culture. In 2199 officially declared the itself independent of Imperium rule and began to take shape into what we know today.


The Brotherhood’s unquestioned governing body is know as the Command. It is comprised of a group of highly decorated and respected Ferrum military commanders. The Command is supported by the combat military branch of Sol culture – the Ferrum.

The Brotherhood and the Lumus Imperium rarely see eye to eye politically. Imperium tend to look down on the Brotherhood and disregard their council in matters of human expansion and colony governance. However when it comes to military and defense desions the Imperium, while maintaining a public image of defiance, almost always defer to Brotherhood wisdom. As well the Brotherhood privately look to the Imperium in matters of colonization and civil organization. This underlying exchange maintains the beneficial political balance between the two factions.

The Brotherhood often refuse to get involved in local power struggles and civil conflicts, however when a serious threat emerges the Brotherhood never falter, and do not discriminate based on political affiliation, nor attempt to leverage defense for political position. The protection of humanity overrides all else.

Ferrum Ranks

Primary CadetInitial rank at the time military training begins
Grade CadetTraining rank when mastery of all basic skills has been achieved. There are 5 sub classes ordered from Grade Cadet Class 5 to Class 1.
Senior CadetFinal training rank achieved before Final Fire.
FenderInitial rank at the time of your first official posting. Fender are assigned to shadow higher ranking officers and the Fender rank is retained until promoted by their mentor.
BreakerGraduated rank from Fender as which point you are assigned a Fender to mentor.
RookReceives first command. There are 3 class of Rook, each commanding an additional platoon with Rook I being in command of a Station or outpost, and Rook Third Class being responsible for the forces in an entire sector of a system.
DirectorHighest field rank. Oversees battle strategy and conducts all Ferrum military resources in their jurisdiction. There are 5 class of Director determined by your military experience, with Class 5 being the highest.
Director MajistrateOutranks Director Fifth Class, however it is technically an honorary rank bestowed on those who have exceptionally long service records or whohave achieved something monumental
CommandHighest rank in the Ferrum. Command are typically represent Brotherhood interests in a political capacity. Command are most commonly descendants of the Hevey family, but it is possible, though rare, to rise to a Command rank.

Children of Gaia


Homeworld: Gaia (Earth)
Galaxy: Milky Way


Gaians are devoted to the Earth Mother, Gaia. The Earth is such an honored part of Gaian culture that they ritualistically give birth in the soil or the sea so that the first embrace of a newborn is by Gaia. They strive for harmony with nature and have managed to achieve steady technological advancement while evolving their industry and lifestyles to be non-destructive to the natural environment.

Gaians do not pursue space exploration, though they have the means. Most would never consider leaving the planet and in fact Gaian law forbids citizens from doing so. The Gaian people on Earth live in absolute peace. There is very little inequality or scarcity of resources. Education is open and abundant. There is almost no crime and there hasn’t been a conflict of any kind since the conclusion of the Gaian War in 2179. However this peace comes at a cost.

Gaian law is strict and punishment is brutal. For the most part people are free to live their lives as they please except in matters of global resources. Food is readily available but rationed in a manner that insures it will remain so. A major element of resource management is population control.

Since about 2275 the birthrate has been tightly controlled requiring licensing and, while life quality expectancy is well over 150, all citizens between the ages of 90 and 100 are expected to volunteer for “Civil Sacrifice”. Anyone that doesn’t volunteer are required to pass a qualification when they turn 100, if it is deemed they are still of significant benefit to society they are given a pass, however must re-qualify every 10 years. If they fail qualification, they are mandated to perform the Civil Sacrifice. The system has been successful however population density is currently testing resource capacity and there is debate over further restricting births or lowering the Civil Sacrificial deadline.

Most other aspects of Gaian culture would be considered fairly common by human modern social standards.


The Children of Gaia began as small groups protesting the growing trend of living in space during the Orbital Boom. The groups’ philosophy was simple, humans are from the Earth and should remain on the Earth. As the cause grew the views of various groups ranged from those pledging not to follow the orbital trend, to those reverting back to simpler times and choosing to live off of the land with minimal technology.

In 2142 the groups began to take on more extremist views violently protesting the expansion of humanity into outer space, and in particular, the World Science Organization’s (WSO) direct intent to contact extraterrestrial life. However it was not until after the tragic terrorist attack on the Cristo Space Station that the Children of Gaia were truly seen as a threat. As humanity continued to venture off into space the Children of Gaia groups continue to grow in both size and violence. Tensions between the COG and authorities steadily increased escalating into the Gaian War in 2166.

The brutal war continued for more than eleven years concluding with The Children of Gaia overthrowing the United Global Committee (UGC) in 2178. The newly seated Gaian Authority then began to gather and execute anyone who was not born “of Gaia,” turning the Pangaea orbital complex into a massive death camp before the intervention of the Brotherhood of Sol (formally the Earth Defense Initiative). After the Exodus, in which billions of humans that did not wish to be part of the new Gaian world order left for a new home world of Solum, Gaian civilization thrived becoming what it is today.


Their are really two Gaian cultures. The general Gaian population is peaceful, most living their lives without a thought or care of what might be going on beyond their beloved planet. The Gaian Authority however actively pursues an agenda to eliminate all other humans in the universe, seeing them as a threat.

While Gaian citizens are not allowed to leave the planet, the Gaian government considers the entire solar system their domain and have implemented an impressive defensive network to protect it. Officially Gaians have no ties to any outside humans but being that they have few military resources they often work through the Pirate Clans that occupy the outer colonies of the Milky Way. Very little is known about the Gaian leverage over the much more powerful Clans.

The Gaian political system is globally unified and could be described as a Democratic Dictatorship. The individual regions and local governments are generally democratic in nature, with elected representatives and governmental branches. Most laws are even defined by regional courts. However global law and matters relating to population control and resource management, the Gaian Authority is the ultimate and final word.