Calico System

Calico System (E-129) is in the Vigilem galaxy and is home to Elysium, a lush garden planet and the only known habitat for the Epensia plant. The plant is an effective treatment for a terrible epidemic known as Barros Disease. A synthetic variation of certain compounds from the plant are also used to manufacture the highly addictive narcotic Maxout.

Also located in the Calico system is the Palisade Belt which not only supports a number of mining operations but also acts as a natural defensive perimeter to the entire system. Further in the system is the Hephaestus Belt which separates Elysium from Blight and Fria.

This secondary perimeter contains certain properties that prevent the use of LEAP technologies. This makes it a secure location to base military operations but also makes normal transit through the asteroid belt extremely hazardous. The resolve this, the Gateway Nexus was constructed. Using a series of gravity pillars and BHEAMR technology an opening can be created in the belt for ship to pass.

There are five planet in the Calico system, Elysium being the only habitable. The system is named for the shifting pockets of colorful gas clouds that can be found there.

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