Orbital Boom

On September 12th 2097, eccentric quintillionaire Hjörtur Gudmunsson announces his succession from the planet after spending five years designing and building his own space station, named the Solotude 1, on which he vowed to live out his days alone.

Gudmunsson’s move made world headlines and sparked public interest in the idea of living in orbit. Within a few years more than 30 companies were in a mad race to build consumer space stations. By 2104 the Orbital Boom was in full swing with the world’s wealthiest scrambling to live among the stars. Within three years more than 3000 new space stations were in orbit around the planet.

Between 2107 and 2112 roughly 250,000 people were living, at least part time, in orbit either in private space stations or small colonies. By 2120 that number had doubled and it was still only the beginning of the Orbital Boom.