Nueon Particles

Originally discovered in 2018 a Nueon is an exotic particle fairly abundant in the universe. It exists naturally in a state of flux, passing in and out of our universeuniverse at random. The Nueon has two unique properties. The first is that its atomic resonance frequency can be coaxed into quantum stability under the right conditions.

In 2060 it was found that a specific range of energy — known as Nueon radiation — acts on Nueon particles to quantum lock then to our universe. The locked particles then attract and locks other Nueon particles accumulating into an expanding field of quantum stable particles.

The second unique property of the Nueon is that it that when artificially stabilized they displace zero-point energy. A generated Nueon field creates an area of low energy density allowing matter within field to lose resonate cohesion. This property of Nueon particles is fundamental to LEAP technology.