Master Code Theory

Humans had known for centuries that all known life shared DNA, informing the belief that everything evolved from a common ancestor during the billions of years of evolution of life on Earth. But the question was our DNA exclusive to Earth? Was there other life in the universe that shared the same code? It wasn’t until the mid 2100s, during mankind’s first ventures beyond their solar system, that we found the answer.

Early expeditions beyond the reach of our sun were understandably focused on planets we projected were hospitable to life. We quickly discovered that vital planets in our own galaxy were no where as rare as we speculated. Microbial life, simple organisms, and plant life abounded in nearly every solar system we probed. The discovery of complex organisms was not as common, but still not rare. much of this new life was strange and some shockingly familiar. By 2150 it was clear that our DNA was not an isolated occurrence and far far older than we would have ever imagined.

In 2180 our migration into Draco-Tao – 60 billion light years from Earth – provided further confirmation of this. The plants and wildlife on Solum, and other planets we studied and colonized later, all evolved from a common base code. The same confirmation as we expanded into the Vigilem galaxy in 2280. DNA as we knew it was indeed pervasive throughout the universe.

It is important to note that “common” does not mean “same”. Obviously the genetic variation across worlds and organisms is significant. A common source of DNA explains why so many aliens exhibit familiar characteristics, and the prevalence of so many humanoid aliens. However, even an alien races such as the Aran, that are nearly physically identical to humans, are as genetically removed from us as a plant.

However, as it is with science, answers are questions waiting to be asked. And the new burning question was, what was the source?


Massive Burst Ultra Shortwave

On June 8th 2042, Brinkley Lazarus, world renowned expert on frequency modulation and head of the EDIs Communications R&D facility makes a critical breakthrough. Brinkley and his team create an ingenious signal compression/amplification system. The Massive Burst Ultra Shortwave (MBUS) transceiver makes it possible to send large data streams reliably over vast distances with minimal time lag, and more importantly, with relatively low power consumption.

Medical ANTS

Nano machines have been used for medical purposes since the early 2100’s. The technology underwent a huge advance in 2143 with the development of the Autonomous Nanomachine Task System (ANTS) and by 2160 the implantation of Medical ANTS in all citizens became standard practice. While earlier M-ANT systems could perform health monitoring and minor tasks, such as delivery of targeted medicines, later versions effectively worked to extend human life.

Medical Nano-machines are powered by the bodies internal electrical impulses, and in a passive state they monitor health and perform various cellular maintenance tasks. This not only reduced normal cellular aging in humans but vastly extended lifespans. M-ANTS can also be powered externally using field generators (Medical ANTS don’t use the same Nueon technologies as as ANT Systems). With this additional power they enter an active mode and repair and treat more significant damage. In extreme cases where damage is too severe to repair, due to limitations in programming or resources, M-ANTS can even stave off death by clustering around the heart and brain, artificially stimulating them for up to 60 hours. In that time the patient can be taken to a medical facility and treated with more powerful systems.

M-ANTS technology has made premature death rare and the average human life span is on average 190 years, with those having access to high-end medical facilities able to live well past 2 centuries.

After 200 years M-ANTS begin to show their limitations and are increasingly unable to maintain cellular health in a passive state and the body begins to show signs of normal aging. Aging continues until cellular degradation can no longer be managed resulting in a rapid decline in health and death. Maximum human age depends on access to medical facilities, genetics, and individual health factors, but it is not uncommon to live until 270. The oldest known person died at 310 in 2401.

Other limitations of the M-ANT Systems are severe head traumas and neurological conditions affecting the central nervous system or synaptic functions. As expected, proper nutrition and avoidance of physically hazardous conditions also play a factor in effective M-ANTS operation.

MR3 Torpedo

The Mass Reaction Torpedo (MR3) is specifically designed for rapid nanofacturing with no guidance system or complex electronics, it’s simply propulsion and payload. Propulsion is achieved using a basic catalyzed ion thruster. The MR3 payload is tactical, designed to create a thermal cascade reaction in the targets hull weakening the structure at a molecular level over a larger area. The resulting damage is intended to overtax the enemies repair systems/crews until eventually damage exceeds the systems capacity.


In 2351, while working on a cure for Barros disease, Scientists stumbled across a highly effective stimulate. Increasing energy and level of awareness for many hours with no side effects, the substance had great potential. However, do to the extremely rare nature of the Epensia plant from which it was derived, the research was set aside.

The formula however was leaked to the Pirate Clans who produce a synthetic version of the powerful drug. Called Maxout, it is pushed to Belt miners as a way to work longer and harder. Maxout is highly addictive and, unlike the natural compound, has severe side effects with prolonged use. As tolerance to the drug increases users will continually need increased dosages until their brains will simply no longer rest. They cannot sleep and quickly lose all ability to focus, eventually entering a vegetative state as overstimulated sections of their brains burn out.

Use of Maxout became so widespread that the Imperium attempted to step in and regulate its production with very little success. To deal with it’s use among Ferrum officers the Brotherhood places an outright ban on the narcotic. Maxout is now illegal in most colonies.

Milky Way


The origin galaxy of the race known as Humans. Once isolated in a tiny corner on a planet known as Earth this boundlessly curious species spread throughout their galaxy. In 2179, after a brutal conflict humanity split. Those of Earth again isolated themselves from the stars and billion of humans left the Milky Way for a new galaxy. However billions remained in the outer worlds cut off from their home world.

Today thousands of worlds in the Milky Way are home to billions of humans. Earth, now  know as Gaia, and the surrounding solar system are still isolated and protected. The entirety of the rest of the galaxy is ruled over by a series of organizations known as the Pirate Clans. While there are pockets of peace and civilization, must of the worlds are in the service of the Clans and subject to constant conflict and political instability.

The Mord



The Mord were originally genetically engineered by a now extinct culture. They are humanoid in form and characterized by reptilian and mammalian features. An adult male Mord typically stands over 2.5 meters tall, with a thick bone structure and musculature. Some species have tough scaly skin and bony protrusions, while others have dark leathery skin and are nearly hairless.

The females, or Mord Queens, reproduce by spontaneous replication; there is no participation by the males. All diversity in Mord civilization comes from the Queen’s ability to consciously direct the genetic development of fetal Mord. This allows them to produce offspring specifically suited for whatever role the society is lacking.

The gestation cycle for a Mord is about 10 days. Infants are born very small and encased in a protective membrane. Mord are fully developed and near adult size within 21 days, they are however in a near vegetative state. It takes an additional 30 days for their brains to catch up to their bodies. A Queen can produce thousands of offspring in her lifetime. Near the end of the Queen’s life, approximately 260 years, she will produce a female offspring that inherits the genetic memory of all the Queens from which it is descended.


The Mord are warriors. Their entire culture revolves around a complicated system of ritualistic warfare, both internally and with any other alien civilization the Mord view as worthy.

For the most part, conflicts are confined between the 130 or so Mord empires spread throughout the Kah Minor galaxy. However once an individual empire has gained enough power that they cannot be challenged internally, they look for battle elsewhere. Usually seeking out the most powerful adversary they can find, which is typically the Aran and Tsitrean races.

Large Mord Empires don’t tend to stay large for long. All the while they are fighting external battles, there is a constant struggle for power within the Empire itself. Rank in the Mord political structure, for what it is, is decided entirely by group skirmishes and hand to hand combat.


The Mord are the product of an extremely advanced race called the Kreast. The Kreast engineered the Mord as gladiator warriors, and used them to fight in massive planetary-wide, war games. After centuries of being forced to fight in bloody campaigns for the amusement of their masters, the Mord rebelled, and in a few decades, completely wiped out the Kreast.

Since the time of independence, approximately 24,000 years ago, the Mord have spread throughout their galaxy, colonizing worlds and forming many empires. Unable to escape their nature, they ultimately became embroiled in perpetual warfare among one another.

In time, their ships and technologies began to deteriorate, and the knowledge to repair them died with the Kreat. The Mord began to seek out and attack other alien civilizations for their technology, however the races that possessed the most advanced warships and weapons, tended to fight back. Eventually the Mord learned to develop diplomatic skills, and are now not only feared warriors but also shrewd traders.


On Kalin there is a very small central Mord government that exists solely to represent the combined Mord interests in Parceil.

Prone to aggression and violence the Mord are party to frequent interventions by the Cysti. Many times smaller Mord Empires will attack a weaker race with the intention of forcing a negotiation. They will then make trade demands in exchange for non-aggression. In this way the Empire can build resources without fighting an “unworthy battle”.

The Mord are also usually in some degree of conflict with the Aran, another powerful warlike race. Both sides have a shared hatred and admiration for each other, and aside from a few territorial disputes, their battles are more shows of power than anything else.