Being Of Sol

Before you can look where you are going you must remember where you came from. This will serve to educate you on your life as Sol from the time you were born to this very moment.

Your story so far...

Even before birth you were examined for weakness and deficiencies. If any were found Doctors would attempt altering them in the womb. If they were unsuccessful, or if the deficiency was not repairable, your life would have been terminated.

Upon your birth you began you training as a soldier and Sol citizen. You spent the first year of your life in an acclimation nursery where your body is exposed to a wide variety of conditions to make you stronger and more resilient. You are walking by 8 months and forming basic sentences by 11 months.

After a years time you were sent to a Preparatory Academy where you will learn military discipline and primary education. For 10 hours a day you engage in games and tasks designed to hone your physical and mental skills. Also during this time you meet your parents - assuming they were available or alive. They tell you of your lineage and begin teaching you Sol values.

At 3 years you become a Primary Cadet. Your physical training increases and you begin to study the Ius and attend classes for math, language, and basic sciences.

At age 5 you graduate to Grade Cadet. You begin learning advanced education, military history, hand to hand and melee combat, basic firearms, and military strategy & tactics. You also begin to train in varying environments from zero-G, ice, desert, jungle, etc. You engage in live war games. Your training is no longer simply conditioning, death is a very real consequence to failure. You learn that death is always waiting for you, you become familiar with it.

The Ius is branded into your mind with every lesson. You are taught to win or lose honorably. You are taught that there is no surrender, and retreat is always tactical, never out of cowardice or desperation. Each day a different cadet is selected to command their unit. You learn to lead and to follow and to understand the weight of both.

At age 10 you graduate to Senior Cadet and the next five years are in preparation for the Final Fire. At this stage of training you are exposed to a wide variety of aptitude tests to best determine your contribution to Sol society. You learn that, regardless of your specialty, your primary purpose is service to Sol society and humanity. And this done through mastery of self above all. But you still quietly hope to be worthy of Ferrum service.

At age 15 you enter Final Fire.

General Concepts

Common information and understanding about being Brotherhood.


  • #1 you live, breath, bleed, and die by the Ius - the Brotherhood code of honor.
  • As a culture you are Brotherhood of Sol, or commonly referred to as Sol. In a political or military context you are typically referred to as Brotherhood, however the actual ruling body is called Command, and the actual military is called The Ferrum.
  • There are no frivolous things in Sol culture. Food is nutrition. Uniform is fashion. There is no entertainment industry, no political parties, no special interest groups. They do however respect and encourage artistic expression; in particular painting and poetry - obviously most of which is about battles.


  • There is no legal, government, or religious involvement in personal relationships in either Lumus or Sol society. There is no marriage or official documentation of couplings. That is not to say they do not commit to monogamous relationships, there is simply no need for government involvement in personal matters.
  • Although Sol society is a military society, Brotherhood don't sit around polishing their boots and taking apart their guns. They develop unique personalities through their experiences and are prone to dark humor.
  • Family is important in Sol society but it is not defined strictly by blood. Although you are taught to respect and honor your bloodline and heritage, blood does not equate to family. Your family are those that teach, train, and raise you to be strong. You love them, wish to honor them and make them proud. They are your emotional and mental anchor. This is understandable being that you are raised in the Academy. But the tradition of the Academy began from a desire by the founders to eliminate false respect and loyalty by birthright in Sol society. Sol are taught that these are things that should be earned and maintained by each individual.
  • It is a common view outside of Sol society that Brotherhood are cold and emotionless. And indeed your common Ferrum officer will not reveal emotion in public, as you are taught that "emotion is a weapon you hand your enemy with which to kill you." This does not mean there is no love in Sol culture. In fact love is the core of the Brotherhood of Sol. They exist out of love of humanity. It is also a common mantra that "you cannot fight for what is not held in your heart."
  • Members of Sol Society can be involved with members of any other human faction if they so chose but anyone not born in the Sol society will ALWAYS be looked at as an outsider. This does not mean you must be born into Sol society to be Sol. Final Fire defines you as Sol. However there has only been one instance of an outsider surviving the test in a century.


  • There is no law enforcement on the Brotherhood home world of Solide. The concepts of honor and dedication to the Ius are so powerful that crime is non-existent. This does not mean there is not corruption in Sol government or society. There simply is not everyday crime.
  • Another misconception of the Brotherhood is that they live to die in the glory of battle. In fact they value life greatly and consider a greater victory to be one that fewer lives on either side of the battle were lost. Every death is personal and how you take a life play into your honor. "I am absent of self, I make respect for life taken in battle my self" That said, there will never be a hesitation if lives must be taken.


  • While combat is a way of life, it is not the only path to victory. Sol exercise and train the mind as much as their body. Not only in military strategy and tactics but in history, philosophy, literature, science, mathematics and logic. All are ready for battle, but not all with serve in battle. There is equal honor in science, engineering, and medicine.
  • This does not mean every career in Sol society is respected equally. You may fall into service as a cook or maintenance person or mindless labor. These are not respected roles and are usually given to Cadets as part of their training, or those who have been injured to such a degree they cannot do anything else. However, while your brothers my not respect you, you are only without honor if you do not respect yourself and don’t perform your role to the peak of your ability. As stated in the Ius "I am absent of rank, I make my conduct my rank"
  • Both genders are equal in Sol Society. There is only one exception in law or social status. Females, upon receiving a rank of Rook, must take 1 to 5 years domestic leave to have children.
  • Every Sol female must bare at least one child, but the number is not limited. If the woman does not have a desired partner or she is homosexual, she will be artificially inseminated based on genetic compatibility. All Sol males and female have their genetic material archived. However this is not a common process. Sol youth are notorious for varied and passionate relationships.

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