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This is an overview of the history and technology of the Saga Universe. More details (much more) can be found in the articles of this wiki.

The Universe So Far

The current date is 16.12.2414 USD* and the whole of humanity is spread across three galaxies. The Milky Way is controlled by a number of powerful organizations known as the Pirate Clans that rule and battle for domain over thousands of planets inhabited by the remnants of old humanity. The constant power struggles and corruption has resulted in instability hindering technological and social development in the entire galaxy.

Meanwhile, millions of light years away, the second age of mankind has flourished and expanded throughout the Draco Tao and Vigilem galaxies and are split into two major factions; the Lumus and Brotherhood Of Sol. The Lumus (Imperium, Scientia & Civis) represent the bulk of mankind outside the Milky Way. They have complex and varied cultures and sociopolitical systems and are devoted to the expansion of humanity throughout the Universe. The Brotherhood are a much smaller faction but extremely powerful. Their culture is ordered, following a strict code of honor known as the Ius. The Brotherhood represent the military might of humanity and they see themselves as the protectors of all mankind.

At this time we are not only aware of a multitude of alien species and cultures, we’re actively engaged, and just now finding our place, in a vast intergalactic community. We have our allies, our enemies, and everything politically possible in between.

*See Universal Standard Date

A Brief History

The First Fall

Starting around 2014 the Blaisedale Corporation began to introduce a stream of technological innovations that quickly changed the world. As the company became more and more powerful there was a growing concern among the world governments. Eventually Blaisedale was ordered to give over control of its more vital technologies including the Shinigami space stations that controlled global communications. The hand-over of power did not go smoothly. A rapid series of events led to military action resulting in the Shinigami Disaster that wiped out more than 75% of the worlds population in 2029.

Rising As One

After two decades of rebuilding society the Unified Global Committee (UGC) was formed in 2039, the first world-wide governing body in history, and humanity prospered. By 2048 we had entered another technological revolution and the longest era of peace ever known. Between 2074 and 2097 huge strides in space technologies made the solar system truly ours for the first time. 2104 marked the beginning of the Orbital Boom and by 2142 more than 100 million people were living above Earth. As well LEAP technology made long distance space travel commonplace and we set out to explore the galaxy. However not everyone was on-board with humanities non-terrestrial fervor and a growing “Earth is home” movement spawned an extremist group known as the Children Of Gaia (COG).

The Second Fall

In 2163 proof that we were not alone in the Universe was discovered in a long dead moon on the far edge of the galaxy. The event was the spark that ignited a war in 2168 between the UGC and COG. The conflict continued until 2178 when the UGC was finally over-thrown and Earth fell to the brutal leadership of the COG. Declaring that anyone not born on Earth was not of Earth more than two billion people living in orbit were deemed enemies of Gaia (Earth Mother) and the vast orbital complex Pangaea was turned into a massive death colony. The atrocities that played out on Pangaea motivated the formation of the Brother Of Sol and a daring military action that led to the 2179 Exodus in which some 2.5 billion people fled to a new home in the distant Draco Tao galaxy.

A New Home

By 2200, in the Draco Tao galaxy, humanity had embraced their new home and entered into what was known as the Second Renaissance, making huge leaps in art, science, technology, and society. Split into two major factions – the Lumus and the Brotherhood Of Sol – by 2350 more than 130 billion humans were spread across Draco Tao. The mandate of the Imperium was expansion and in 2360 human civilization ventured into the Vigilem galaxy on a quest to make contact with another intelligent species. They were successful, but ill-prepared.

 The Saga Begins

In 2361 we make first contact with an alien race known as the Cysti. With the aid of the Cysti humanity was made aware of thousands of alien cultures spread across Draco Tao and Vigilem and set on a course to be part of a larger inter-galactic community. Our next encounter with aliens does not go as well resulting in a conflict with the Cirecidus Domini. As well a threat continues to loom from the Milky Way with the vengeful Pirate Clan playing out the will of the COG.

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Science & Technology

This wiki contains the details of various technologies in the SAGS Universe, below is a quick reference for the most important. These are human technologies and do not represent the total of all possible technologies across all species.

  • LEAP Technology – a form of long distance transportation developed by humans using inter-universal resonance to instantaneously move from point to point in the Universe.
  • Illumination – a process of transferring the mind of a person into an artificial neural matrix that resulted in the creation of a new sub-race of humans known as the Illuminated.
  • ANTS – nanomachine technology used in the manufacturing and repair of everything from buildings, ships, computer circuitry, and medical applications. Think 3D printing with nanomachines. ANTS used for building and repair use dense slugs of carbon as a source for building other compounds from the molecular level. The base elements for these slugs, including a very specific isotope of Carbon, is mined from asteroids and is heavily traded.
  • Sub-spectrum Communications – the transfer of data using sub-spectrum light wavelengths that travel 200 times faster than the upper light spectrum and pass through all known matter. Used in almost all inter-galactic communications.
  • Quantum Static Reactor – the primary power generation technology, QS reactors are capable of massive power output using stable Helium fusion reactions.
  • Helidyte – a mineral mined from asteroids that when exposed to Oxygen and Nitrogen produces huge amounts of Helium. Although not as important as it was on Earth it is still the most effective way to transport and process Helium into fuel for QS reactors and thus is still heavily mined and traded.
  • Wernicke Device – a common neural implant, given to humans by the Cysti, used for the real-time translation of language across alien races.
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Skill Classes

We’ve defined some broad skill classes that will accommodate most character paths under any race. You can classify yourself with any role you desire as long as it falls in one of the following role categories.

CombatantThis includes pilots, soldiers, mercenaries, pirates, peace keepers, etc. Basically anyone that uses weapons as a profession.
EngineeringThis would include anyone that is directly maintaining/repairing facilities and equipment.
ScienceIncludes anyone doing any kind of research or exploration.
MedicalAnyone primarily dedicated to using tools designed to expedite player recovery from injuries.
TradeIncludes anyone that is in the business of mining, transporting, or trading resources.
PoliticalThis is anyone whose primary roles is that of policy making or governing. This include religious leaders and missionaries.
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