Barros Disease

The degenerative condition, one time only common among asteroid minors, began affecting hundred of colonies. The condition is caused by certain types of solar radiation affecting cellular replication in humans. Depending on the level of radiation exposure the disease can present itself in a few months or many years. Which is why asteroid minors, being more directly exposed, were the first to be affected.

Barros affects the production of the neurotransmitter Acetoxy-tri-methyle-thana-minimum. What makes Barros so difficult to treat is that this neurotransmitter has never been successfully produced in the lab. It is one of the 30 organic compounds defined as “life active”, meaning they require some yet to be defined process of living organisms to form properly. All synthetic alternatives used in an attempt to treat Barros resulted in accelerated mutations.

The symptoms begin with subtle nervous ticks then slowly progresses into frequent mild seizures. In the beginning these symptoms were misdiagnosed and treated individually masking the early advancement of Barros. Later symptoms include memory loss, disorientation, delirium, and violent outburst. Then there is a period of regression where the sufferers appear to have recovered. This can last anywhere from 2 days to several months before the final stages present themselves. Final stages are violent psychotic episodes were sufferers attempt to harm others and themselves before severe multi-zone brain hemorrhaging and death.

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