Saga Universe Introduction

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Saga is…

The SAGA Universe is an original collaborative sci-fi role play story line born in, and designed for, Second Life. Role players and groups are invited to join in, contribute, and expand the SAGA Universe. Everyone is free to play, add to, build for, and support the SAGA Universe within Second Life without fear of IP disputes or copyright violations.

The Story

This wiki provides a historical outlining the, rich and original, story on which players can build their role play. It includes a detailed accounting of 400 years of human history documenting various political factors, technological developments, discoveries, and significant social shifts from 2014 to Present (24.02.2414) with more details added regularly based on role play outcomes and player contributions.

Role Play

Your continuation of Saga will be a direct result of role play. Your character, your interactions, your decisions, and your creativity will be woven into a larger interconnected story line and an ever expanding narrative becoming the history that future players look to. Go HERE to find out how to get started.

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